Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today started off beautiful, the sun was shining like it has been for 8 straight days. We decided it was not going to be a beach day because we all have had just a bit too much sun. So we sat around trying to decide what it is we wanted to do. It was unanimous...we all wanted to head to the outlet stores that are about an hour away from here.

As we headed towards the stores, the sky grew darker and darker. And the rain began. It poured and poured for hours. Luckily we were at the stores already and made the best of a very yucky day. We are just hoping that we don't get hit with all the rain that Jersey has been getting. Hopefully tomorrow will be a beach day.

The outlet stores were good. Not overly exciting. And to tell you the truth, I have found better deals at home at our outlet stores than I found here. But it was fun to look around. We did find some great deals at Wilsons Leather store as they were having 70% off. The four of us, Tony, Alyssa, Billy and I found jackets we liked and for the most part they were about $30.00 each. You really can't beat that so we felt like we scored a bargain. I also found a pair of really cute summer shoes at the Gap for $7.00...another great bargain. I love shopping. I really wanted to buy Halainah a pair of Nike Shox but couldn't find unfortunately Halainah was the only one who didn't get anything. Good thing she is too young to notice.

On the way home, while crossing a bridge we saw about 30 or so dolphins swimming in the bay. It was such a beautiful sight to see. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love dolphins. They looked so peaceful swimming in their large one big happy family. It truly was breathtaking. It was just another beautiful memory to add to our scrapbook of the first family vacation we took with Halainah. So even though our sunny day turned to rain still was a lot of fun and chock full of memories.

Halainah and I spent some time this afternoon on 1 of the 3 decks we have in this house.

Here she is running from one end to the other. Halainah is just like the energizer bunny...she keeps going and going.

Sitting in the chair making funny faces.

More funny faces that Alyssa taught her.

My little China doll. Uncle John called her a little doll all week.

She's talking here...not sure what she was saying...but I'm sure she wanted to go to the beach.

Waiting for Uncle Mario and Aunt Bonnie to come back home.



I have enjoyed reading your blog. You have a beautiful family. I would love to see the beach way more often than we get to. I love shelling, I could do that all day. Hope you have a great week. Blessings,

Gardenia said...

I love a good bargain too, and soon enough Halainah will understand the whole "day with out shopping is a day without sunshine" concept. darling pics of Halainah in the chair.