Saturday, January 15, 2011


We are back from our much needed break. Sorry for the lack of blogging. We stepped away for a while to enjoy our very blessed Christmas.

It truly was a joyous year this year as Christmas day was spent with some very special people in our lives. And we loved spending the day with them. Thank you all for making our holiday special and for making it a Christmas that Halainah will never forget.

Santa was very good to Halainah this year. Although she did not receive a sister for Christmas, she did receive a bike, a scooter, a robot, a camera, games for her IXL and a giant dollhouse which were all among her favorites.

The wait for Halainah's Mei Mei is getting harder and harder as the months pass. We truly thought that we would have been matched by now. We know it is all in God's plan and timing, it's just hard to accept that timing sometimes.

Please keep us in your prayers as the next list will be released this coming week and we are down on our knees, praying that this is the time...God's time to bring our daughter to us.

I hope to update more frequently as I have missed recording so much of our precious miracle's everyday life happenings. Like, Halainah is so loving. She gives us a million kisses a day telling us how much she loves us. She says, "I'm so happy Mama. You happy Mama?" She is so silly...the silliest little girl I know. She loves to sing, "You're a goofy goober yeah!! I'm a goofy goober yeah!" She LOVES her grandma and will tell us a bazillion times a day, "I miss Grandma, I love Grandma." When Grandma goes home, it usually results in a major breakdown. She has the memory of an Elephant. You only have to tell her something once and she will remember it. And if she places something somewhere she will always remember where it is. So if we loose anything in the house, we go to Halainah to find it. She plays a mean game of Memory.

I have also been doing a terrible job of taking pictures. I used to have my camera in my hand at all times and have missed so many terrific Kodac moments. So for now, I have a few pics that I have been able to capture that I will add.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that 2011 will be the most glorious year for all.

I for one am hoping my next post will have some very exciting news. We hope...we pray...we trust in his plan.

And I have been dreaming of China!!

"Santa" surprised us all with a new bike for Halainah. Thank you Opa!

Halainah at church bringing her gift so that another little 3 year old girl has a special Christmas too.
Looking cute playing in her playroom which is now called, "my room" by my little princess.

So beautiful, she takes my breathe away.

Halainah loves her cousin Tyler so so so much. She talks about him almost everyday.

Her cousin Tyler and cousins Sultana and Sasha gave Halainah this beautiful designer jacket for Christmas. She loves it and will tell anyone who listens that Ty Ty gave it to her.
We have been buried in tons and tons of snow this winter. Spring cannot come soon enough.Playing in the snow with Daddy.
Halainah did not like her giant dollhouse at first. I think it was overwhelming. She told me to call Ho Ho (Santa) and tell him to come take it back. Now she loves it.
Halainah's pink Christmas tree, although she is standing in front of it.

Talk to you all soon...don't forget to pray that this month is "THE" month.