Friday, June 25, 2010


Recently I was asked why I was adopting another child.

"If you had a few hours I may be able to lay out my hearts desires to you."

Instead I simply listed a few reasons to this person.

But what I wasn't expecting was the reply I received.

"Don't you think it's foolish to spend all that money on a child that isn't yours?" "Why not spend the money for invitro-fertilization so that your child is truly yours."


I have a lot of praying to do for that poor poor soul.

Because of us, there will be 2 less orphans in the world.

Life After 18 Seconds, our story, was named because statistically every 18 seconds a child is orphaned in this world. On the 19th second is where our story began and continues to be written through God's grace.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What have we been up to?

Enjoying our summer of course!

A few weeks ago we went to Sesame Place to celebrate Cousin Tyler's 4th birthday.

We had a blast and Halainah's expressions were truly priceless.

Cousin Tyler and his mama Sultana.

Playing Peek A Boo in the garden!

Taking long bicycle rides which Halainah loves!

Celebrating cousin Vincent's first birthday. How cool is that cake?

The proud parents, Uncle Joe and Aunt Chrissy with the birthday boy, cousin Vincent.

Beautiful cousin Leanna with her baby doll that has a matching dress.

An attempt at getting the youngest cousins together for a picture, Halainah, Vincent and Leanna.

Halainah showing off her new big bird doll from Vincent's party.

Lainey and Grandma. Grandma has been staying with us on and off to help babysit. Lainey LOVES her Mamaw!

Lainey going through her goody bag from the party. Her adorable tutu skirt was made special for her from cutie pie Lexi's mama over here.

And of course feeding the fish at the end of the day...which she loves! If it was up to her she would feed the fish 20 times a day.

Mei Mei's adoption update.

1. No we have not been matched yet.

2. Our I800A has been mailed and we are waiting for our fingerprint appointments.

3. Our dossier is complete and has been mailed to be state certified. Once that is returned back to us it will be sent to the Chinese Consulate to be authenticated.

4. We have a deadline that our dossier needs to be in China by the end of September. I sure hope we meet that deadline.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


ME: Halainah, What do you think we should name your Mei Mei (little sister)?

HALAINAH: Ummmm...Butter!