Saturday, June 5, 2010


ME: Halainah, What do you think we should name your Mei Mei (little sister)?

HALAINAH: Ummmm...Butter!


Sammons said...

She is too funny!!! Rylee wanted to name Brady (my only boy...) Lemon. She said we could call him Lemony!!
Love the Elmo swimsuit! So cute :)

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

She looks adorable in her Elmo swimsuit..and Leanna suddenly LOVES Elmo as well. It is so cute.
Kids say the cutest things..
That story reminds me of when I was pregnant with Antoinette..and I asked Celeste(who was about Lainey's age) if she liked the name Camille. She said..
Oh sounds like oatmeal...
Years later when we gave Serena her name...I said..
No one objected..even though it rhymes with farina...
lol...we still laugh about it to this day..
No Camille cuz it rhymes with oatmeal..but Serena OK..
Ahh. the memories...
Can't wait to see what name you guys choose for Mei Mei...I know it will be beautiful and special.
Gonna see you guys SOON...
Send my Love...Annmarie

BOWquet said...

Your daughter is beautiful!
I just wanted you to know that I added your button to my blog. :)
I hope it helps to spread the word.

Amy said...

O.K. so is there a Mei Mei's face for this new name?