Sunday, May 23, 2010


For those that have been following our blog for a long time will know that our family is totally addicted to consignment shops. There is one in the center of town here called "Repeat Boutique." Isn't that a clever name?

We frequent our consignment shop almost every weekend and Halainah and I have been known to stop in once or twice during the week. This weekend we struck gold with our new find.

So we were driving past the shop and I saw this fantastic bike trailer on the yard. So, I got out while Tony and Halainah parked the car. This place is constantly hopping and you basically have to run for what you want or you stand to loose it. So I ran to the trailer...but there was no price on it which usually means it was already sold. Tony met up with me and I told him I think that it's already sold. The owner of the shop was outside and overheard us and said, "nope it's not sold I just put it outside about 2 minutes before you came." So we went inside she got us the price and we told her we would look around and let her know if we wanted it. Well in the meantime another customer came in and wanted it. So the owner came to us and asked if we were taking it because someone else was interested in it. Tony quickly said, "nope it's ours...we are taking it."

In the meantime we continued to shop and the phone rang 5 times at least. And each time we heard the owner say, "no sorry, the bike trailer just sold." It was so funny...this thing was the hottest item in the shop.

So we told the owner we would pay for it but would come back to pick it up because the car was full of groceries. So she asked how far we lived...which is only about 2 minutes from the shop. She told us she was going that way anyway so she would follow us home and drop it off for us. That was so sweet. She also said, we did her a big favor by letting her drop it off because the phone would have rung off the hook and the shop would have been full of customers wanting it.

Anyway...Halainah loves it! We have yet to hook it up to our bikes yet...she's really going to love it once that happens. And the very best part of this bike trailer is...that if fits 2 sweet little kiddies in it. So Halainah and her Mei Mei will both be riding in style.

And speaking of Halainah's Mei Mei...our Homestudy was just approved and we will have it in our hands the beginning of this week. And the next step is applying for little Mei Mei's visa. Step by step we are getting closer.

I just told her she had to get out of the trailer and she was arguing with me.

But Mama...I want to relax in my new ride.

And just because Halainah is so dang's a few more pics.

Halainah loves feeding our fishies in our fishie pond.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the pink tennies! Nico really enjoyed his bike cart. I can really tell she enjoys it,,,just wait until she is moving along! We now have a seat that Luca sits in on the back of the bike and then he'll graduate to an actual half a bike that attaches to the back of our bike.

Congratulations on the next step of your adoption.

Sammons said...

I had no idea you already have been matched with Mei Mei!! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!! So glad your back to regular updates, I missed reading them.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I miss her! thanks for posting more pics!
Tia Crystal

Courtney said...

What a great find. I love shopping consignment stores. Adorable pictures. I can't wait to see two little girls riding in it.

My Three Sons said...

Good grief, she just keeps getting cuter!

Anonymous said...

love you Monkey!