Sunday, October 23, 2011


We finally took the girls pumpkin picking this weekend. I am sort of glad that we waited because the beginning of October was still very warm here. We are finally in fall weather now and it was the perfect weather to go pumpkin picking. At first Ava was very overwhelmed and quiet...which is very unlike her now. But it only took a few minutes for her to warm up and get the hang of it. I'll let my pictures tell the story.

I promise to update has just been so hectic lately. I have tons to share about Ava's bonding and adjusting to her forever family.

We are still dealing with the aftermath from our home being flooded. Thankfully we have had hot water for a while...but still no washing machine or dryer. We are still waiting for our insurance company to see what they will pay us for. This is not how I want to spend our holidays with our home being such a mess. But we have each other and we have our health...praise the Lord!!