Monday, August 31, 2009


This week's blog hop theme is favorite baby pictures. Since my daughter Halainah is adopted I have very limited pictures of her before she was placed in our arms. So I chose a picture of her and my brother, Halainah's Jiu Jiu on the day that we finally met our daughter. My brother traveled all the way to China with us to bring her home and Halainah has a very special bond with her Jiu Jiu. Even though he lives very far away from us, their special bond cannot be broken. He flew into town to visit on Friday and Halainah was so excited to see her Jiu Jiu because she loves him so very much.

Halainah on Gotcha day. So sweet.

Mommy, Daddy and baby Halainah

Halainah and her Jiu Jiu on January 4, 2009, the best day of our lives.

Halainah and Jiu Jiu on Sunday August 30, 2009...she is so in love with Jiu Jiu!

Why does she love Jiu Jiu so? Well because he is one silly and fun loving Jiu Jiu! Here he is sporting the Baby Bjorn in China and carrying Halainah like a burrito!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


My brother is visiting from Colorado! Yippee! His flight arrived early this morning...1 AM to be exact. My dad and I drove to the airport while Tony stayed home with Halainah. We stopped at the diner to grab a bite to eat and arrived back home at 3:30 AM. By the time we went to bed it was almost 5 AM. We are tired...but oh so happy that my brother is here! We always have so much fun when he comes to visit! Halainah and Jiu Jiu united this morning around 10 AM. She was in the middle of a bottle when Jiu Jiu came downstairs but when she finished, she was all smiles. It was so cute. She was so excited to see her Jiu Jiu. She wouldn't leave his side for the rest of the day. She sat with him, she played with him, she hugged and kissed him, and gave him lots of loving.

It is amazing that their relationship is so powerful even though my brother lives so far away. It just melts my heart. My brother came to China with us to bring Halainah home. They have a strong bond that can never be severed.
My Aunt Bonnie had us all over for homemade pizza tonight...YUMMY! My brother got to spend time with our grandmother and aunts and cousins. It was a great evening. Halainah was her happy go lucky self and I actually have a headache from laughing so much tonight. She's one of a kind that China girl of mine!

So tomorrow we have another long day filled with family adventures. The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming!

My German relatives are here, they flew in a couple of days ago. And we are all going to my Aunt Ann's for a big family reunion. Poor Halainah is going to be exhausted by Monday. This is all so exciting for her.

I am so blessed to have a very large family and Halainah is now part of our family tree. She will always have a large family to support her. We are all so equally blessed.

Both Halainah and Jiu Jiu are so happy to see each other!

They missed each other so much!

Sharing fruit snacks together!

Playing ball together!

Jiu Jiu brought a Kung Fu Panda cardboard cutout for Halainah's playroom...she loved it and was trying to say Panda!

In the tub sporting the alfalfa look!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


On Sunday August 23, 2009 our precious nephew Baby Vincent was welcomed into Christ's family with love. All the family gathered to witness Vincent Joseph as he received the Sacrament of Baptism. The ceremony was beautiful and sacred. Baby Vincent was such a good little boy and hardly let out a cry. It was so wonderful that my father-in-law was able to celebrate such an important part of Vincent's life. Unfortunately he was unable to attend Halainah's Baptism because he was so ill. We are all so thankful that he has been feeling better.

Afterwards, we all gathered at a beautiful restaurant which was right on the water. The food was amazing and plentiful. We had about 6 or so courses. We were all so stuffed by the time the reception was over. It truly was a blessed day.

"Let the children come to me...
for to such belongs the kingdom of God."
Luke 18:16

Our nephew Baby Vincent looked so handsome in his Baptism outfit.

Uncle Tony (my husband and Halainah's daddy) did the first reading.

So cute!

Joe's side of the family, his mom, dad, sister and her fiance.

Chrissy's side of the, dad, brother Tony, Sister-in-law (me) and Halainah who is hiding behind her daddy.

Proud mommy with her handsome son.

Proud parents!
Proud Parents and Godparents.

Proud father-in-law looks so good.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes.

Mama's boy!

God Bless Baby Vincent!

Monday, August 24, 2009


This week's blog hop theme is "Make Me Laugh."

Our daughter makes us laugh all day long. She is constantly doing or saying something that is hysterical to us. One evening while we were sitting at the dinner table we recorded a conversation our daughter was having with her daddy on his iPhone. Daddy was randomly asking Halainah questions and Halainah responded in her own cute and it certainly made us laugh and still does. Halainah was 16 months old at the time.

(please note, you will need quicktime in order to play the audio)

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


On Saturday Tony and I spent a special family day with Halainah at a children's museum called, Imagine That. It is a place where Halainah was able to touch, discover, learn and explore in a hands-on museum setting with over 50 unique exhibits. The exhibits are specifically designed to stimulate children's imaginations and intellect.

Halainah had the time of her life. But it was sensory overload for her. She was so fascinated with everything. She didn't know which way to go. Her favorite exhibits were: the pirate ship, the grocery store and kitchen, the music room, the floating ball and the giant sand box. Some things were for older children so she didn't get the concept...but there was plenty for her to do.

I already know what Halainah's letter to Santa is going to include. Lets see, a shopping cart with pretend food, a play kitchen, and musical instruments.

Halainah was in all her glory touching everything she saw. And it was a nice change of pace for me to allow her to touch everything she wanted to. She played nice with other children even though there were some children who weren't so nice to her.

Halainah is such a loving and affectionate little girl. When she got out of the giant sand box, she ran down the little path to go to daddy. Well she didn't realize there was a little step so she fell face first right in front of a woman who was sitting on the floor. The woman quickly grabbed Halainah and helped her up. So after Halainah collected herself and realized she was ok, she leaned over and kissed the woman. It just melted our hearts. It was almost as if she knew this woman helped her and she wanted to say thank you. I had tears in my eyes and the nice woman was so surprised and so thankful for Halainah's kiss. My daughter has a heart of cute.

On Friday evening while eating dinner we saw this beautiful rainbow in our backyard. It was a gorgeous sight and a perfect start to our fantastic weekend.

Enjoy the pics. of Halainah at Imagine That!