Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well our vacation is winding down. We are down to 1 last full day tomorrow. We will be leaving early on Saturday morning for our 10 hour drive home. We had an amazing time in North Carolina with family and we are so thankful to Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario. Halainah is going to miss the beach and most certainly the attention that she has been getting every day.

We went to the beach for a few hours today. We are trying to squeeze in the most beach time as we can. It was a beautiful day again. We were so lucky on our trip that the weather has been gorgeous every day. We had a thunderstorm this evening but the afternoon was full of sunshine.

We took a long walk on the beach and came across a restricted area that was closed off. It was closed off because of sea turtle nests. We ran into a park ranger and he told us that 18 of the sea turtles had hatched last night. We wanted to go to the beach this evening to see if we can see any of them hatch but it rained. Oh well...I just think it's neat that there is a nest on the beach that we have been going to.

After the beach we went to a couple of shops that we wanted to go back to. We are trying to get everything done that we wanted to before we leave. The family ate crabs for one last time. And Nonna made homemade rice balls so Halainah and I ate those. So delicious!

Hopefully tomorrow we will squeeze in a few more hours of beach time but then we will be packing up to head home. It is just so sad to say goodbye to North Carolina. It is truly beautiful here.

Halainah running towards daddy

Halainah in daddy's arms

2 girls who were riding their horses on the beach

Sitting down for a sip of water

Sitting in a hole that cousin Billy dug for her

So beautiful even with crumbs on her face

Halainah always points backwards like this

Halainah's footprints in the sand. I have been trying to photograph them all week. It's not easy...her little body isn't heavy enough to leave footprints.

Halainah points everyday to the birds on the beach and says "birds"

Halainah getting tired

Waving Hi


Robert said...

Thanks for all the posts, it has been fun to see you guys and Halainah at the beach. Have a safe trip home, wave to Richmond for me.

Gardenia said...

so so cute. love the little tummy peaking out of her bathing suit. and the one where she is pointing backwards is so precious. don't ya just love little baby diaper-covered rumps? you may be a little sad to have your vacation come to an end and I would be too.

Pineapple Princess said...

OMGosh! Cutest tummy ever!

Courtney said...

She is adorable. I am so glad you have had such a great time!