Friday, August 21, 2009


I have been so lazy with blogging lately and it makes me sad. There are so many posts I have in my mind but the time lately has been flying by. So I have a bunch of pics. I want to share and figure perhaps I can catch up on some things through pictures.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoying some fresh crabs from North Carolina the day after we returned from our vacation. We had the family over even though we weren't unpacked and the house was a mess. It didn't matter...what mattered was spending the day with family.

Aunt Chrissy, Uncle Joe and baby Vincent came over to enjoy some crabs as well. As you can tell from this picture...Halainah was very happy to see them.

Also...Thank you Aunt Chrissy for taking me in Grandma's pool on Tuesday...I had a blast playing with all of the noodles...sorry mama left my bathing suit at home...but we made it work!
Love you...Halainah

Uncle Tony is so in love with his nephew. Baby Vincent looks like he may be in love with his Uncle as cute!

Baby Vincent is getting so big...every time we see him...he gets cuter and cuter!

Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Tony with Halainah and baby Vincent...the newest additions to the family!

Opa bought Halainah a new dress last week when we went out for lunch together. I love the little doo-rag that came with it.

How cute is she!

So I bought Halainah a very cheap table and chair set from the grocery store. The whole set was $7 and she LOVES it.

She sits like a big girl and either colors at her table or reads her books.

She is so animated when she's almost like she is really reading.

Reading the story to mama and dada is so much fun!

I wonder if every 1 1/2 year old loves books as much as my China doll! I hope she still loves them once she's in school.


aamayna said...

Adorable dress and do rag!! I love it!!! Yes, little tables and chairs are the best. Tjhey actually sit still in them! That is great she likes books so well. I would say at 18 months old, t hey weren't a priority for Mayna (they are now) so it is great that she is so into them that young!

Robert said...

Thanks for the new pics. I have been checking every day. Can't wait to see you all in a week =-)
Jiu Jiu

Robert said...

Love the babooshka. Tony- your Dad looks fantastic.
Jiu Jiu

Gardenia said...

Just catching up, reading your last three posts. the pictures of baby Vincent are adorable. Halainah will have a cousin to play with her whole childhood. Love Halainah's dress and matching hair scarf. thanks for sharing.

Pineapple Princess said...

Can't get enough of her! She is just the cutest!!! :)

Anonymous said...

get ready monkey! we finally get to met in a little over a week!!!!!! can't wait
Love you!
Hugs and kisses
Love Aunt Crystal

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

What a cutie! My Luca (2 yo) loves looking at books. He doesn't really want to take the time to listen to me read one to him, but he will grab a book and look through it on his own.