Tuesday, August 4, 2009


“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”


We are nearing the end of our amazing family vacation in North Carolina. We have 3 full days left and hopefully we will capture some more unforgettable memories to cherish forever. Today, we spent the day at the beach. Sunday and Monday were rainy days. When we awoke this morning, I was in a blah mood because the sun was not shining. Aunt Bonnie said that we were going to the beach anyway and that she was positive that the sun would eventually come out. She was right and by noon the sun was in full force. The rest of the day was perfect and beautiful. But it was HOT hot hot. We stayed at the beach for 4 hours or so but came back home and jumped into the pool.

The weather here is calling for rain on Thursday and Friday so I am a little bummed about that. But I guess I can't complain because we only had 2 days of rain so far on our 2 week vacation. Which is not bad at all. I think we may go to the beach tomorrow as it may be our last beach day. That is just so sad to write. I don't want to go back to the real world. I want to live in the vacation world just a tad bit longer.

Halainah is truly going to miss seeing Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario and everyone else every day. She has been spoiled on this vacation. She has been a little on the fresh side lately and I'm not sure if it's because she is getting lots of attention. But we need to break her out of this stage because I don't like it one bit.

Some of the boys went fishing today on a large boat while the rest of us enjoyed the beach. They had an awesome time and caught 6 large Tuna, some Mahi Mahi and a whole heck of a lot of Tile fish. Nonno caught a 6 foot Marlin. We were all very excited for him as he didn't think he would catch anything today.

Enjoy our beach pics.

Playing in the sand

Running towards daddy

Happy with daddy in the water

They both had so much fun

Halainah and daddy sitting in the sand

Halainah's name written in seashells. Alyssa and I collected the shells and laid them out on the sand.

Halainah had fun picking up the seashells and putting them in her bucket. She kept doing this before we could take the pictures.


Gardenia said...

oh the pictures of your little one with the pail are beautiful. you've really captured the essence of your family time. how wonderful. there's nothing like sand in your toes to make the world seem right and wonderful!

Terri said...

I just love Halainah's bathing suit! Your vacation seemed just perfect!!! Loved all the photos!

Robert said...

I was looking at pics from China today and comparing them to how Halainah looks now. I can't believe how much she has changed, it is amazing. Good to hear that you are enjoying vacation. Say hello to everyone for me- I still haven't received the crabs =-)
Grover Peterson

Danielle Banks said...

I LOVE the pic of Halainah's name with shells and her in the background with her said pail.