Sunday, August 23, 2009


On Saturday Tony and I spent a special family day with Halainah at a children's museum called, Imagine That. It is a place where Halainah was able to touch, discover, learn and explore in a hands-on museum setting with over 50 unique exhibits. The exhibits are specifically designed to stimulate children's imaginations and intellect.

Halainah had the time of her life. But it was sensory overload for her. She was so fascinated with everything. She didn't know which way to go. Her favorite exhibits were: the pirate ship, the grocery store and kitchen, the music room, the floating ball and the giant sand box. Some things were for older children so she didn't get the concept...but there was plenty for her to do.

I already know what Halainah's letter to Santa is going to include. Lets see, a shopping cart with pretend food, a play kitchen, and musical instruments.

Halainah was in all her glory touching everything she saw. And it was a nice change of pace for me to allow her to touch everything she wanted to. She played nice with other children even though there were some children who weren't so nice to her.

Halainah is such a loving and affectionate little girl. When she got out of the giant sand box, she ran down the little path to go to daddy. Well she didn't realize there was a little step so she fell face first right in front of a woman who was sitting on the floor. The woman quickly grabbed Halainah and helped her up. So after Halainah collected herself and realized she was ok, she leaned over and kissed the woman. It just melted our hearts. It was almost as if she knew this woman helped her and she wanted to say thank you. I had tears in my eyes and the nice woman was so surprised and so thankful for Halainah's kiss. My daughter has a heart of cute.

On Friday evening while eating dinner we saw this beautiful rainbow in our backyard. It was a gorgeous sight and a perfect start to our fantastic weekend.

Enjoy the pics. of Halainah at Imagine That!


Gardenia said...

that museum looks like an awesome place, full of many activities for motor skills and intellectual growth. and yes, stimulation! love Halainah's sandles, and her ballerina toe when she has the tutu on. she looked delighted to be there. and that is a lovely rainbow!

Courtney said...

This place looks like lots of fun. I love her little outfit!