Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have a heavy mind...Lots to think about! Lots of Changes need to take place.

So while I work through all of that, I need some cuteness in my life.

So here ya go:

Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday Halainah went to work with Daddy for the very first time, as I had two interviews scheduled. Halainah was very excited to wear her Elmo backpack full of fun activities to keep her busy at work. I was told she was a very good girl all day long. Daddy even took her to the park at lunchtime which apparently was the best part of her day. She talked about the slide, swings and seesaw all night long. I am so not used to being away from her all day long. I got a glimpse into what it's going to be like for me once I return back to work. Yuck! I don't like it. But I did get the biggest most warmest hugs and kisses when Halainah got home and she kept saying, "Mama, I'm home, I'm home Mama." Oh how I love my miracle more and more everyday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


That's all we can do at this point is to just keep pumping. We have 2 pumps set up in our basement right now that have continuously been going since Sunday Morning. At this point we have been able to get most of the water out but we are at a stand still right now. For every inch of water that we pump out another inch comes back in. I guess I should be happy that it's no longer filling up the basement. And now at 4:30 this afternoon the waters are receding and by morning we should have our street back. At that point we can hike up the hills here to get our cars back home. But good news...the calm has come after the wicked storm...and the sun is shining!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I Have the blues...the Matilda Jane Blues. I miss Matilda Jane. I haven't made a purchase since Christmas. I so want her new collection, Hammond Bay. It is so cute...every single outfit...so very cute! But with our next adoption and me not having a job and all...well it just doesn't fit in our budget right now. Even though I tell myself that if I buy some more Matilda Jane, than Halainah's Mei Mei can wear it too! Stinky...so NO Matilda Jane for me...I mean for Halainah.

Well I made myself feel better by throwing together a Matilda Jane Collage. So I can see my cutie in her ever so cute collection. Now can you see why I have an obsession?

Anyway, if you could...please say some prayers for us. We have been battling all this rain and unfortunately are getting flooded. The water has not entered our house yet...well except for a few inches in our basement. It has reached our front steps though. We will be getting up every few hours to evaluate the situation. The rivers around here are supposed to keep rising until Tuesday. So it's not looking so good for us.
Thanks for your prayers!

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Friday, March 12, 2010


This weather has been absolutely beautiful these last few days. Well except for today. The rain has started and it's not supposed to stop ALL weekend. BLUCK! I can't stand the rain since I almost always get a headache when the heavens are pouring. So looks like I will have a headache for the entire weekend. DOUBLE BLUCK!!

But at least my sweet precious little Lainey and I were able to go to the park on Wednesday. It was so beautiful out. 60 degrees never felt so good especially after being buried in record snowfalls this winter.

When I woke up (or should I say when Halainah woke up...my girl can sleep!) I told her we were going to the park to go on the slide and on the swings. Well that was all she needed to hear. She was at the door in her PJ's looking for her coat so we could go...go...go!

So we scrambled to get ready and threw down some breakfast. Once we got into the car and buckled up Halainah was determined to get to that park. I was letting the car run for a little while and she yelled..."GO MAMA!" And when the car started to roll she said, "WEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

As soon as we pulled up to the park, she took off strait to the playground! With no help from Mama she was able to climb and slide and move around. Last year she had a hard time on the playground equipment and needed help with just about everything.

Sniff...sniff....my little angel is growing up.

I hope that we are thawed out for good around our neck of the woods. I would love to make tons more visits to the park with my angel.

Have a great weekend and stay dry if you are getting pelted with all of this rain!

PS...is anyone else's munchkin addicted to Yo Gabba Gabba? Personally I can't stand the show but for some crazy reason....Halainah LOVES it!! Ughhhhh

Running strait to the playground!

"I did it Mama!"

Stopping for a snack!

Stopping for a drink!

2 minutes after we left the park! It's tough being a 2 year old!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I took a little blog break for a while and it felt good. The house was cleaned top to bottom (aghhhh feels so good). All the laundry is done (also feels good). And Grandma came to spend 5 days with us (we love when Grandma comes to visit)!

Lainey loves having Granda here. She calls grandma "Mamaw" and I'm not sure that's going to change. I love the way she says it...so cute! Mamaw played and cuddled with Lainey and gave her tons of kisses and made her whatever she wanted and fed her tons of snacks. Lainey was in pure heaven.

So last night after dinner since Grandma went home earlier, Lainey grabbed the phone and wanted to call Mamaw. She called her to tell her she loved her, missed her and to hurry back for another visit.

Other than that, we have been trying to enjoy this nice weather we are having....it feels like Spring outside. Lainey was able to ride her bike outside for a while and go for a walk. I hope this weather is here to stay.

It is VERY hard to take pictures of Halainah lately since she NEVER sits still! So I tried to capture her in her room playing. You'll notice she is all over the place! Ahhhh the joys of having a 2 year old...but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

How cute are those sneakers?

Notice that she put the baby doll into the daddy's arms...melts my heart!

Always jumping...never standing!

Now in her rocking chair!

Now laying on the floor!

TADA! Now still for a split second!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ok...so is anyone else wondering where this past week has gone?

This week for Black and White Wednesday I decided to post a pic of hubby and I. Since all of my pictures have been of my little miracle...I'll change things up a bit. We all need some spice in our lives.

So....meet the proud parents...Deanna and Tony.

I actually like these pictures better in black and white because I had decided to go really blond at one point and you can really see the roots in these pics. But in black and white they don't seem to look so bad.

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