Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday Halainah went to work with Daddy for the very first time, as I had two interviews scheduled. Halainah was very excited to wear her Elmo backpack full of fun activities to keep her busy at work. I was told she was a very good girl all day long. Daddy even took her to the park at lunchtime which apparently was the best part of her day. She talked about the slide, swings and seesaw all night long. I am so not used to being away from her all day long. I got a glimpse into what it's going to be like for me once I return back to work. Yuck! I don't like it. But I did get the biggest most warmest hugs and kisses when Halainah got home and she kept saying, "Mama, I'm home, I'm home Mama." Oh how I love my miracle more and more everyday!


Gardenia said...

what a little workin' girl she is! how sweet. and yes, it ouches doesn't it, when you think about being away from her.

Sammons said...

Oh she is just so sweet and cute and cuddly delicious! Love her!