Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I took a little blog break for a while and it felt good. The house was cleaned top to bottom (aghhhh feels so good). All the laundry is done (also feels good). And Grandma came to spend 5 days with us (we love when Grandma comes to visit)!

Lainey loves having Granda here. She calls grandma "Mamaw" and I'm not sure that's going to change. I love the way she says it...so cute! Mamaw played and cuddled with Lainey and gave her tons of kisses and made her whatever she wanted and fed her tons of snacks. Lainey was in pure heaven.

So last night after dinner since Grandma went home earlier, Lainey grabbed the phone and wanted to call Mamaw. She called her to tell her she loved her, missed her and to hurry back for another visit.

Other than that, we have been trying to enjoy this nice weather we are having....it feels like Spring outside. Lainey was able to ride her bike outside for a while and go for a walk. I hope this weather is here to stay.

It is VERY hard to take pictures of Halainah lately since she NEVER sits still! So I tried to capture her in her room playing. You'll notice she is all over the place! Ahhhh the joys of having a 2 year old...but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

How cute are those sneakers?

Notice that she put the baby doll into the daddy's arms...melts my heart!

Always jumping...never standing!

Now in her rocking chair!

Now laying on the floor!

TADA! Now still for a split second!


Amy said...

Cute! I almost bought those same shoes for Naomi, for some reason she did not want them on her feet. Stinker they are awful cute.

Our girls sound so much alike never ever ever still unless she is asleep.


Anonymous said...

I miss you Monkey! come visit us soon!!!
Tia Crystal

My Three Sons said...

1. I missed you and I am glad you are back;

2. I *tripledog HATE you* because you dress her JUST like I would dress my girl....if I HAD a girl. Sigh...poor Julian may have to endure a dress up weekend....just sayin';

3. I LOVE your daughter and have three sons for her to choose from...they would all make EXCELLENT husbands. ;o)

I love reading your blog....don't go away again...pretty please?

Jonni said...

Hi Deanna,

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write back. Since we brought Samantha home it seems to never slow down around here (lol). Your Halainah is beautiful and how exciting that you guys are paperchasing again. Halainah looks like she is an absolute joy and she is sooo cute! Hope we can stay in touch and I wish you good luck on your journey for #2. :)


TanyaLea said...

Oh for CUTE!! I love those little sneakers, too...they look adorable paired with her ruffled leggings! ...now just wait until she has those cute new socks that we both won!! :)

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Ohhh Dee...
I have not seen Lainey bug in what seems like forever..she has gotten so big and even more beautiful..
She looks so cute..
I know what you mean about not being still...guess that is NOT going to go away anytime soon...lol...but like you said..wouldn't trade it..
Can't wait for all the paper work to be done for Mei-Mei...
Hope to see you all soon!!!!!!
With Much LOVE,

Terri said...

That is the cutest shoes and outfit ever! I also noticed how pretty her room is!
Love all the pictures!