Friday, March 12, 2010


This weather has been absolutely beautiful these last few days. Well except for today. The rain has started and it's not supposed to stop ALL weekend. BLUCK! I can't stand the rain since I almost always get a headache when the heavens are pouring. So looks like I will have a headache for the entire weekend. DOUBLE BLUCK!!

But at least my sweet precious little Lainey and I were able to go to the park on Wednesday. It was so beautiful out. 60 degrees never felt so good especially after being buried in record snowfalls this winter.

When I woke up (or should I say when Halainah woke girl can sleep!) I told her we were going to the park to go on the slide and on the swings. Well that was all she needed to hear. She was at the door in her PJ's looking for her coat so we could go...go...go!

So we scrambled to get ready and threw down some breakfast. Once we got into the car and buckled up Halainah was determined to get to that park. I was letting the car run for a little while and she yelled..."GO MAMA!" And when the car started to roll she said, "WEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

As soon as we pulled up to the park, she took off strait to the playground! With no help from Mama she was able to climb and slide and move around. Last year she had a hard time on the playground equipment and needed help with just about everything. little angel is growing up.

I hope that we are thawed out for good around our neck of the woods. I would love to make tons more visits to the park with my angel.

Have a great weekend and stay dry if you are getting pelted with all of this rain! anyone else's munchkin addicted to Yo Gabba Gabba? Personally I can't stand the show but for some crazy reason....Halainah LOVES it!! Ughhhhh

Running strait to the playground!

"I did it Mama!"

Stopping for a snack!

Stopping for a drink!

2 minutes after we left the park! It's tough being a 2 year old!


Gardenia said...

a real sweetie she is. and tuckered out!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

SO cute! We had two nice days here then cooler and rain. Hoping next week is nice for our camping trip. I love when the kids can get outside and play! Luca loves to RUN!

Sammons said...

Such sweet pictures! Just love her little face and those PIGTAILS!!! Rediculous Cute! Oh hey I'm still waiting on your address. Do you need my email address? wai*ing4l*xi@yah*