Monday, March 15, 2010


I Have the blues...the Matilda Jane Blues. I miss Matilda Jane. I haven't made a purchase since Christmas. I so want her new collection, Hammond Bay. It is so cute...every single very cute! But with our next adoption and me not having a job and all...well it just doesn't fit in our budget right now. Even though I tell myself that if I buy some more Matilda Jane, than Halainah's Mei Mei can wear it too! NO Matilda Jane for me...I mean for Halainah.

Well I made myself feel better by throwing together a Matilda Jane Collage. So I can see my cutie in her ever so cute collection. Now can you see why I have an obsession?

Anyway, if you could...please say some prayers for us. We have been battling all this rain and unfortunately are getting flooded. The water has not entered our house yet...well except for a few inches in our basement. It has reached our front steps though. We will be getting up every few hours to evaluate the situation. The rivers around here are supposed to keep rising until Tuesday. So it's not looking so good for us.
Thanks for your prayers!

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A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hi Dee,
I just love that collage..Lainey has to be the cutest girlie I ever saw in MJ. I loved looking at that collage..You can see how much she has grown. Honestly, I just love looking at Lainey's pics..they make me smile..HER HAPPINESS just jumps right off the screen..and that just makes me happy especially when I am down.
We miss you guys so much feels like forever that we have not seen eachother. I promise as soon as my life settles down here we will get together MORE. I want Lainey and LeeLee to play together so much MORE...They will be so tight:)
I am working the morning on Saturday and unfortunately I have a sweet 16 to go to in the eveninng..and then I am working a double on Sunday...Doesn't that stink..The whole weekend GONE...
I promise if I do not see you all before we go SOON as we come back we will get together.
Miss you and LOVE you all so very much...Annmarie

Sammons said...

I LOVE IT! You NEED, I mean ~Lainey~ NEEDS that new collection! I am so excited that Lexi is going to finally fit in the 12 months. I wish someone in Az did trunk shows but nope you can't have them here for some reason?? I guess I will need to order off their website. Hey maybe you should sell her old collection to help pay for her new collection! I'm intersted!

TanyaLea said...

oh, I hear ya on that MJ craving! I love the new line...and the old ones!! ;) Your little princess looks adorable in all of those MJ fashions. I have a bit of a collection waiting for Khloe, too. But like you, I've had to scale back on all unneccessary shopping. The remaining travel expenses are a huge reality right now, and we are trusting God for the funds to get us there and back! He will reward your restraint and bless your adoption funds, that I KNOW for certain!! :)

God bless! <><
~ Tanya