Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Every time I sit down to write a post something else seems to pop up. Life is in full force with our family as I am sure it is with yours. Once September ends...the rest of the year just flies on by.

My sweet Halainah turned 3 in November. We had a wonderful birthday party with family. We kept it a little more simple this year. But all in all it was a terrific day. She was so excited for her birthday and she talked about it for months. In fact, she still thinks it's her birthday. We were in church on Sunday and they were lighting the Advent wreath. I told her to look up while they lit the candle and whispered, "isn't it beautiful?" And she whispered back to me, "yeah it's for my birthday." She's so precious.

Opa (My dad and Lainey's grandpa) gave her such a sweet sweet present for her generous. I am still in awe.

Halainah had her 3 year checkup yesterday. She is one healthy little girl...thank the Lord. She currently weighs in at 29 pounds and is 35" tall. She falls into the 25th percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height. "Keep Growing Baby...Keep Growing!"

My brother flew in from Colorado the week of her party. Halainah loves her Jiu Jiu and was so happy to see him. Even though they don't see each other that often there is a great bond. After all, he was with us in China. We all miss him terribly.

The Christmas season is upon us. So we are busy, busy, busy. Halainah is very much like her Daddy. She LOVES Christmas. She gets so excited to see decorations in stores and on houses. She screams with delight at every Christmas tree, ornaments, snowmen, anything that is sparkly. Halainah understands Santa and will point to anything she wants and says "Ho Ho bring me that." Yes Santa is Ho Ho in our house. We hear "Ho Ho bring me that," At least 25 times a day. At was very so much.

We allowed, Halainah to take the tag off of our giving tree at Church a few weeks back. Out of all the tags on the tree, she grabbed one that belongs to a 3 year old little girl who wants a sweater and a doll. We sat Halainah down and explained the importance of sharing what we have with someone who may not have as much. She was very excited to help. And we picked the most beautiful Christmas sweater we could find. As far as the doll part comes. That took a little more explaining for Halainah. You see, Halainah is in love with the Lalaloopsy dolls. Have you seen them? Well Jiu Jiu bought her one for her birthday...the blue one that she had to have. That took Jiu Jiu 6 stores to find it in. Well, she never puts it down. In fact, she wants a pink Lalaloopsy from Ho Ho. I told her, "I wasn't sure if Ho Ho could bring it this year." They are impossible to find now. Her reply was, "OK....Jiu Jiu buy it for me then." Let me tell you, she has an answer for everything. Anyway, I bought a Lalaloopsy for this little 3 year old girl as part of her present since she wants a doll too. It was a little hard for Halainah to understand that she is not the only one who deserves a Lalaloopsy.

On the adoption front...well...we are still waiting. There have been 2 lists that have been released since we have been logged in. Our daughter was not on either one of them. Prayers are in full force. Halainah told me she wants a sister for Christmas. So maybe if the Lord above feels it's our time, our daughter will be given to us for Christmas. Wouldn't that just be the best Christmas ever? "Hey Ho and the Lord need to get together on this one."

I will try to update more often. Especially if there is any news on our next miracle. This weekend will be spent baking cookies for endless hours and taking pictures with Santa.

May you all be surrounded by the love of your family during this glorious Christmas season.

God Bless.

Sorry for the bazillion pics...but that's what happens when you ignore your blog for so long.

Jiu Jiu gave Lainey this adorable monster towel.
One of my favorite happy to be with Jiu Jiu.
Loving Jiu Jiu some more.

Mama and Lainey making a wish before she blew out the candles.
Opening some of her gifts.
Opening her Uggs from Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario.
Can you tell how excited I was?
Jiu Jiu gave Lainey a Denver Colorado's eventually where we want to live.
On the day Jiu Jiu was sad to be without him again.
Lainey holding her blue Lalaloopsy that Jiu Jiu got her for her birthday.
Looking cute on Thanksgiving.
Still looking cute.
Even more cuteness for her 3 year checkup.
All bundled up searching for our family Christmas tree.
Such a Daddy's have no idea.

We gave Lainey a trampoline for her birthday.
So happy.
So beautiful.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Honestly, I have no words...just many many tears. And thanking the Lord that my problems in life are so very very small.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Doesn't Halainah just make the cutest Little Bo Peep you have ever seen?

Seriously, I could just squeeze her all day!

She called herself "Little Peep."

"Stop taking pictures daddy...I want to trick or treat!"

Can you see the excitement on the girls faces? Cousin Norman was in charge of the girls...not sure how excited he was.

I snapped this picture right after she scored her first treat. Her pure excitement just melted my heart.

Halainah and Cassandra, cousins just 6 months apart. When Halainah got home from her busy day Trick or Treating with Cassandra, she told me, "I miss Cassey." "I lub Cassey Mama!" So cute!
This is my favorite pic of the day. Her feet aren't even touching the ground!

Don't you wish you were still a child, so carefree, so happy...I sure do!

"Hey, wait for me Cassey." that not the cutest thing ever? Cassey taking Lainey by the stinkin cute!

Little Bo Peep getting tired after a long exciting day!

I can see these two cousins being close for life!

Walking home to look through our stash of goodies. Trick or Treating is hard work.

Halainah is about to turn 3 in a couple of weeks. What a cute age!! We had so much fun with her this Halloween. She made sure she said Trick or Treat when she got to the door. She made sure she said thank you. And she made sure to say Happy Halloween to everyone who gave her a treat! Sometimes 3 or 4 times. Oh my...she was so darn cute!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


We were finally able to take a little time out of our hectic schedules and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while pumpkin picking at a local farm near our home. Halainah was so excited, she wanted every pumpkin she saw. And as you can see there were a lot of pumpkins.

She loved being pulled on the cart by her daddy.

And soon picked her own pumpkin, placed it on the cart and jumped back on for another ride.

And jumped back off again to try and get Mommy and Daddy to buy her just 1 more pumpkin. Who could resist that beautiful face?

Halainah was mesmerized by all of the gorgeous fall displays.

This was my favorite picture of the day. Halainah stopped to take a break and enjoy her pumpkin cookie sitting on top of a pumpkin that was bigger than her.

After we picked pumpkins, enjoyed all the fall displays, bought some apple cider and apple cider donuts and ate a pumpkin cookie, we took Halainah to see some animals on the farm. The animals weren't cooperating so you won't see them in our pictures. Except for...
This beautiful horse, who was very friendly. Halainah liked him, except when he turned around to walk away. Then she yelled, "ewwwww Mama...his butt is dirty!"

Which apparently was the funniest part of our day. She cracked herself up for a good 15 minutes after that one. And she had an audience of other onlookers who apparently thought she was hysterical as well.

It was a beautiful fall day and a lot of memories were created that day. I love my beautiful, pumpkin loving, hysterically funny little miracle so very much.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Ok...seriously...we only had to wait 5 weeks to find out that our LID is September 17, 2010. That was an excruciating wait. I can only imagine how hard the wait is going to be until we see our next miracle for the first time.

So this means that we can be matched at any time. We are now officially waiting for the Lord to find our daughter and hand deliver her to us. We trust in his plan.

Halainah is getting so big. It's hard to believe that she is going to be 3 next month. Where has the time gone?

She is still a giant ray of light who is always happy and always jumping and never stands still long enough to take a picture.

She says the funniest things like:
Me: "what is your name?"
Halainah: "Halainah Grace"
Me: "what is your last name?"
Halainah: "Hannah Montana"

A few weeks ago we went back to Sesame Place for the Halloween Spectacular. Halainah keeps saying, that she loves Halloween and monsters are scary. This is one of the only pictures we took at Sesame Place, because again, Halainah is never still.

And a few recent pictures that we tried to take, all of which were very hard to capture. They are not the best pictures, but that's my Lainey Girl!!

Shhhhh....a new list will be released this week. I wonder if our daughter is on that list.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"Jiu Jiu buy me this."

"Look, Monkey!"

"I Lub Monkey!"

"Put On, Pink Monkey."

"I Lub Jiu Jiu and Tia!"

I just love 2 year old, soon to be 3 year old conversations with my amazing daughter.

"Thank you Jiu Jiu and Tia for my new Monkey shirt. And don't I still look adorable in my monkey suit from last year?"

P.S. No news on the adoption front. We are still awaiting for the CCAA to assign our LID.

P.S.S. Yes I am frustrated about that!

P.S.S.S. We already missed out on September's list!