Monday, November 1, 2010


Doesn't Halainah just make the cutest Little Bo Peep you have ever seen?

Seriously, I could just squeeze her all day!

She called herself "Little Peep."

"Stop taking pictures daddy...I want to trick or treat!"

Can you see the excitement on the girls faces? Cousin Norman was in charge of the girls...not sure how excited he was.

I snapped this picture right after she scored her first treat. Her pure excitement just melted my heart.

Halainah and Cassandra, cousins just 6 months apart. When Halainah got home from her busy day Trick or Treating with Cassandra, she told me, "I miss Cassey." "I lub Cassey Mama!" So cute!
This is my favorite pic of the day. Her feet aren't even touching the ground!

Don't you wish you were still a child, so carefree, so happy...I sure do!

"Hey, wait for me Cassey." that not the cutest thing ever? Cassey taking Lainey by the stinkin cute!

Little Bo Peep getting tired after a long exciting day!

I can see these two cousins being close for life!

Walking home to look through our stash of goodies. Trick or Treating is hard work.

Halainah is about to turn 3 in a couple of weeks. What a cute age!! We had so much fun with her this Halloween. She made sure she said Trick or Treat when she got to the door. She made sure she said thank you. And she made sure to say Happy Halloween to everyone who gave her a treat! Sometimes 3 or 4 times. Oh my...she was so darn cute!!


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Definitely the cutest Little Bo Peep! Luca had the same excitement. He was dissappointed when his bag wasn't totally full though.

My Three Sons said...

Adorable!! My littlest enjoyed it as well as my 11 year old. My 14 year old is "too cool" for trick or treating...but not too old to eat all of his brothers' candy!! (rolls eyes)

Sammons said...

Oh my goodness is she ever the CUTEST LITTLE PEEP!!! Love LOVE Love the costume! Perfect in every way! She is growing so fast, {why do they think it's ok to do that?}
Have a wonderful week!

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...

She looks so incredibly CUTE..
Happy Halloweenie:)))))

Anonymous said...

Have you posted any photos from her birthday anywhere???

Aunt Ann