Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have a heavy mind...Lots to think about! Lots of Changes need to take place.

So while I work through all of that, I need some cuteness in my life.

So here ya go:


Amy said...

O.K. the socks are so CUTE!!! We need some of those. Life decisions are so hard . . . draining to say the least. Hold onto that cuteness and know the God will direct you, at least that is what I keep telling myself :)


Andrea said...

OMG that is the CUTEST little girl, in the CUTEST outfit. I'm going to have to go visit this Matilda Jane website soon.

It's sometimes hard to enjoy the small things when we're thinking about the big ones. I need some cuteness in my life too. :-)

Courtney said...

The outfit is adorable. You are in my thoughts and prayers

Terri said...

She is cute FOR SURE!!!!
Love her outfit!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Sorry Dee....
That you and Tony have things weighing on you...if you need to talk...I am always here to listen...I will pray for the Lord to lead you down the right path.
Halainah is so stinkin cute...Love those cute socks and the whole ensemble(spelling????lol)
Just take one day at a time and relish all the tender moments..being submerged in Lainey's sweetness, Happiness, tenderness and leave the rest up to God..He has not ever led you astray.
Much Love,

Sammons said...

Oh Deanna She is soooo sweet! Well she sure made my day! Take these days as a gift, time with your daughter is worth more than all the worldly things money can buy. They grow up so fast and then there's no turning back, no rewinding to catch the things you missed. God will provide, He has and He will continue and in His perfect timing, if it is His will, you will return to work and, no doubt, you will be blessed with another child. Hold tight my new friend, you are His precious child and He will hold your hand and not let you stumble. P.S those socks are so super cute, So going to make a few pairs for next fall for Lexi!! Are they MJ? Haven't seen them! How did I miss that!