Thursday, August 13, 2009


Exactly one year ago, on August 13, 2008 our dreams finally came true. Our countless prayers were answered on that miraculous day. It is a day that will be forever etched in our minds and most certainly in our hearts. I still get chills when I think back to this miraculous day.

My Mother-in-law was staying with us for a couple of weeks and I am so thankful that she was able to experience this day with us. Tony and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on 8-8-08 and I was very depressed that we didn't receive our referral on that day. I was very sad and beginning
to lose hope. Having my MIL with us helped keep my mind off of the depression.

On August 13, 2008 we had a bunch of errands to run. Our first stop was the A&P to pick up some groceries for dinner. We were in the medicine isle looking at aspirin for my MIL. We were trying to find the best know more pills for less money. Then my cell phone rang and I knew it was my agency by the phone #. My heart sank, I looked over at my MIL and she was smiling from ear to ear. Brian from our agency said the most glorious words, "Deanna we have a beautiful baby girl who is almost 9 months old for you. She has a tiny hole in her heart that is very common here in the states. Would you like to review her file."

Would I like to r
eview her file? YES, oh YES. We went over some more details like which orphanage she was in and her name and birth date. My heart was racing...could this be our daughter? Brian's last words were, "I'm going to e-mail you her file now, she really is such a beautiful little girl."

After we hung up the phone I quickly called Tony and said, "Are you ready to be a daddy?" He yelled, "What! Are you serious!" I told him everything that Brian said and told him the e-mail should arrive shortly. Both of our hearts were pounding a mile a minute. Is this real? Is this finally happening? We hung up the phone and promised to call each other the momen
t we saw her picture.

I asked my MIL if she thought that this little girl was Halainah and she exclaimed, "Yes, and I'll tell you why!" Secretly my MIL prayed that the only thing she wanted for her birthday was for Halainah to be joined with our family. God answered her prayers one day after her birthday. In fact on the day of her birthday August 12th our agency called the house. But it was just a paperwork question. She secretly asked God if that was a joke because it was not funny. She prayed once again in her daily morning prayers to let today August 13, 2008, 1 day after her birthday be the day. Halainah's lifebook is chock full of chilling stories like this that truly reflect God's power of prayer.

My MIL and I grabbed a few quic
k things and checked out via the express line. Our hearts were racing. It felt like the 5 minute drive home took an hour. We pulled up to the house and ran to the front door. My hands were shaking and I was having trouble opening the door. We flew into the house and ran upstairs. I turned on the computer. My MIL and I were jumping with excitement. We opened up the e-mail and we saw the most beautiful little miracle I have ever seen. We were in complete tears...I can still feel how full of joy we were that very minute.

About 2 seconds later Tony called. He had tears in his eyes too. I could tell by the cracking in his voice. And we both said in unison..."That is Halainah...that is our daughter." Our prayers were finally answered.

Halainah Grace, Happy referral day! You have filled our hearts with so much love and joy. You are our little miracle and we thank God for you every second of every day.

This is the very first picture we saw of our daughter exactly one year ago today. We knew that split second that she was our daughter.


Amy said...

OH MY!!! I did not know that we got our referrals on the same day. Such a beautiful story. God's handy work.

I have not got my post posted yet, off to swimming lessons then hopefully a anniversary post for our Naomi.

We really do have to meet someday :) Our beautiful Shangrao girls


Gardenia said...

your post gave me goosebumps up my arms the whole time I was reading it. There is something about hearing about other friends' stories of their referral that really warms the heart. It is such a huge gift from God to be able to have a referral day, isn't it, and to relay the story to others. thanks for sharing your story.

Courtney said...

Happy Referral Day!

Andrea said...

Awe...What a great story. I have a friend that is waiting for her referral too, and it's been such a gut wrenching wait for her and her husband.

Halainah is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! A year already??? Congrats and what a great story!

aamayna said...

Oh I had a lump in my throat reading this!! Brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!

Danielle Banks said...

Beautiful!!! This story defintiely brought tears to my eyes!! I know that day must have been a wonderful one and what a great bday present for your MIL!! God is good!!!

Happy Referral Day!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I remember that call and then the race to the computer for my 3rd son's sweet face!

My 2nd son I selected by a picture on the waiting list.

My 1st son was an adoption via distant family and we drove an hour to meet him in Illinois....the drive seemed forever.

Even though we adopt, we still have all these exciting emotions.

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!