Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today started off cloudy for the first time in 7 days since we have been here. We decided to go to the beach any way as we thought at some point it would clear up. So we got to the beach, unloaded everything and set up camp again. About 1/2 hour later it began to rain. Most beach dwellers packed up and went home. But not us...we decided to stick it out. So the rain cleared after about 10 minutes and the sun peeked out a few times.

Alyssa, Halainah and I went for a long walk searching for sea shells and sea glass. Halainah walked right beside us or behind us the entire walk. She would get tired after a little while but she kept on walking. At one point I felt something hit me. I had thought that it was a giant bee (they have been harassing us at the beach since we got here). Anyway I turned to Alyssa and asked her if there was a bee on me. And she began to hysterically laugh. I mean she was practically rolling in the sand. Apparently a bird pooped on my head. So of course I freaked out and yelled, "get it out, get it out." After she continued to laugh for another 20 minutes she finally got it out for me. I guess I am going to have good luck since that it what a bird pooping on you is supposed to mean. Great for me I suppose.

During our walk back to our spot it began to pour again. We were just about ready to pack up but than we saw in a distance that the sun was coming out. And sure enough once the clouds went away the sun came out and it was another gorgeous beach day. The wind was very strong and after a few hours we called it a day once the sand started to pelt us in the back of the legs. Halainah was getting hit hard with the sand and she was not a happy camper. So we packed up and went home.

The boys decided not to go to the beach with us and went to the movies instead to see the new Harry Potter movie. Which I have to say that they were the smart ones. I got fried today at the beach. You would think that I would have been alright since I had a base tan from being here for a week. But there was something about the sun today. It was so very strong and I am hurting. I am staying out of the sun tomorrow for sure. And I am looking at the positive side of things...we still have 1 week left of vacation. Yippee!

Digging in the sand!
No fear...running straight towards the waves.

Sitting on Nonna's lap stealing her hat.

Asleep with Uncle Mario on the beach!

Walking with Aunt Bonnie

Handing Aunt Bonnie a seashell

Putting them in her bucket

So cute...laughing together

Making a funny face in the water

Showing Uncle Mario the birds. She was very fascinated with the seagulls today.

Mikey and Halainah

Me kissing Halainah while the sun was setting


aamayna said...

Oh I love that last picutre!!! Too funny about getting pooped on! It has happened once to me too. Another whole week of vacation? ahhhh!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the photos! I love watching the babies on the beach, they are so fasinated by it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! It looks like you are all having a blast! North Carolina is an amazing vacation spot. That is why we go back year after year. The pictures are fabulous and Halainah could not look more content! God bless enjoy the rest of your time. Can't wait to see you when you get back.