Friday, July 31, 2009



It was officially Italian day here in North Carolina. Not that every day isn't Italian day with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario. But when I awoke this morning and went upstairs Nonna was fast at work with her hands elbow deep in the hugest bowl I have ever seen. She was making dough for bread, pizza and fried dough. I gained 10 pounds just watching her. When she was done mixing the dough she let it sit under a sheet to let it rise. Then she cut it up into small sections, placed them on a pan and put the pans under a sheet again to let them rise once more. Nonna then stretched some on pizza plates, bak
ed some for bread, and fried some smaller pieces and put sugar on top. Oh my they were scrumptious. We ate the pizza for lunch....and I even had pizza for dinner. You can't get pizza that delicious in any pizzeria. My mouth is watering just writing this.

After lunch, Tony, my cousins Alyssa, Billy, CJ, Mikey and I went out on Billy's boat for a fun day of tubeing. It was hot, hot, hot today. The sun beating down on us was almost unbearable on the water. And the bay water was like a hot tub. Luckily I got soaked just being in the back of the boat and it felt fantastic as we drove fast. The water was very rough because the winds were strong. Tony got a little sea sick. And believe it or not...I still feel like I am sitting on the boat...the room is rocking. I hate when that happens. It was a really fun day out at sea.

Halainah stayed at the house with Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario. They t
ook her swimming in the pool, which she loved. She took a nap with Aunt Bonnie in her bed. And by the time we got back she was rejuvenated and ready to play. When we left to get on the boat, Halainah cried...I think she thought we were going to the beach and not taking her with us. Tomorrow is a beach day so she will be very pleased. She is going to be very unhappy when we return to we all will. Our vacation has been tons of fun and only something we would have dreamed of.

Praise the Lord we still have 1 more week left.

Here is the big bowl of dough that Nonna was mixing. You literally could take a bath in it.

Nonna is separating the dough in smaller sections here.

Making the bread.


Uncle Mario and Mikey fishing from the dock in our yard.

Halainah be silly!

Halainah hugging Marty, her stuffed zebra.

Aunt Bonnie, Halainah and Marty playing together.

Halainah eatting fruit snacks sitting on a case of Coronas.


Courtney said...

The food sounds wonderful. Sounds like you had a great time on the boat. Enjoy the beach today!

Gardenia said...

making pizzas by hand are a thing of the past -- how wonderful nonna still does it. is Halainah's marty the zebra named after marty the zebra in the madagascar movie? my 2.5 year old loves loves this movie. cute pics.

Anonymous said...

tell nona to make some dough and send it to us. we miss it!