Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's been a busy week in our household. My thoughts are everywhere so I thought I would list some random ramblings.

1. Paid $13.00 for a haircut that I got at Supercuts and I actually like it. Big savings compared to $40.00 that I usually pay. Now I just have to find a cheap place to get highlights.

2. Received a big box of candy from Brach's because I wrote to them letting them know that I received 2 fruit snack bags in my box that only had 1 fruit snack in each bag...did that make sense?

3. Cried watching 16 and Pregnant tonight because the girl who was pregnant decided to give her daughter up for adoption to provide a better life for her. I felt the immense joy the adoptive parents had holding their daughter for the first time. I then watched the show again as it was playing back to back...only to cry again.

4. Very excited to have a girls day out on Saturday with a few of my college peeps...should do a body good!

5. Think it's hysterical and sweet that my dad is as addicted to buying clothes for Halainah as I am. In the last 2 weeks he has bought her 10 outfits.

6. Went to Sam's Club on Wednesday and a woman approached me, asked me if Halainah was mine, asked me if she was Chinese, told me that it's sad that the girls aren't wanted in China, then grabbed Halainah out of the shopping cart and gave her a big hug and kiss. Totally took me by surprise and I grabbed Halainah back.

7. Looking forward to going to Staten Island tomorrow. Halainah hasn't seen Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Chris, Uncle Joe and baby Vincent in 2 weeks.

8. Knee deep in paperwork for Halainah's Mei many times do I have to write my own name?

9. Found 2 bathing suits I liked for vacation. Now that's a miracle...I don't know anyone that likes bathing suit shopping unless they are a twig.

10. Been racking my mind trying to come up with clever fundraisers to help with the enormous adoption fees.

Oh boy...have a great weekend...I need a drink!

Damn Lifetime and their True Movie I have to stay up til 2 am.

Ok so finally's some cuteness!


Courtney said...

I love her little outfit. I am glad to know there was someone else out their that watched 16 and Pregnant twice last night. I really feel like they did the right thing. Is it sad that I can't wait till next weeks reunion show?

4 vs 1 said...

LOVIN' her flare capris! TOO cute! She is gonna be a real heartbreaker when she grows up...get ready Mommy and Daddy!

RE: #6 - why are people so strange? Who picks up a stranger's baby and hugs and kisses them? That would creep me out too!

Have a great time with your college peeps...girls' nights are always a blast!

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

We can help with issue #1; Sultana found a lady who has a salon in her home and she lives 5 minutes from our house, $40 for a cut and HIGHLIGHTS! (and u only need highlights!) and she's, you can come and visit and we can babysit while you get your highlights done CHEAP!!!
Have fun on vacation,


Aunt Ann