Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On Monday Halainah had her 19 month wellness checkup and she needed 2 immunizations. All went very well and Halainah's doctor was impressed with how far along she has come. Halainah's doctor saw her the first week we were home from China and she couldn't even sit up on her own. Now she is running all over the place, doing somersaults and jumping. Halainah hits the US charts at 10% for height and between 15 and 20% for weight. The doctor thinks that the tallest Halainah will be is 5 feet. She said we can't control Halainah's height...she will always be petite. But we can try to control her weight. She told me to try and get Halainah's weight up to 50%. I don't get that. First of all, Halainah eats all of the time. So I don't see how I can possibly get her to move up to 50% on the charts. And if she is going to be short than shouldn't her weight be lower to compensate? Maybe I'm missing something. If you look at Halainah she looks perfectly proportioned. I think she is perfect just the way she is. She is a very healthy eater and eats all of the food groups at every meal. Her snacks consist of fruits and vegetables. I don't see a problem.

On Tuesday our social worker came for Halainah's 6 month post placement visit as well as the first home study visit for Halainah's mei mei. It was a long visit since she had to cover both things. But let me back up a little. I get very...what's the word I'm looking for...I guess you can say anal when our social worker comes. The house has to be spotless. So I spent hours upon hours cleaning everything in the house...every nook and crannie. I was exhausted and got in the shower late. Our social worker was due to arrive at 4:00. I jumped out of the shower at 3:30, threw Halainah in, washed her quickly, threw a diaper on her, and continued to get myself ready. At 3:55 I threw on my clothes and did the final touch up on my hair. I ran into Halainah's room and grabbed her outfit. I went into the TV room, she was watching Noggin of course, to get her dressed. As I approached her I noticed that she had something smeared all over her belly and neck. I got closer...and the smell...yeah gross. She pooped in her diaper, stuck her hand in it and decided to paint herself with poop...5 minutes before the social worker got there. I had to throw her back in the tub while I was gagging and hose her down. Not the perfect scenario right before our important visit. Oh the joys of parenthood.

Anywho, the visit went very well. Halainah gave Kay our social worker tons of hugs. She showed off like she always does. We call her our hammy, cause she always has to be a ham. Next week we will have our second and final home visit. And on Saturday Tony and I will be fingerprinted. I have gone through periods of pure excitement for our upcoming adoption and at other times pure panic sets in. In today's economy with everything crumbling, we are trusting in the Lord that this journey will all work out in the end.

After our social worker left, we packed into the car and went to Aunt Bonnie's for dinner. Thank you Aunt Bonnie because the last thing I felt like doing was cooking dinner after 2 very crazy days. While we were there we made lists of things to remember for vacation and food that we want. I am so excited that our 2 week vacation is coming up very quickly.

We have been way too busy too take pictures lately, I know that's terrible. There's always somewhere to go or something to do, I can't keep up anymore. But I have pictures that I have been meaning to post of some very exciting days for Halainah. Now, I need to go to bed, this week has been exhausting and it's only Wednesday...Calgon take me away!

Halainah made her very first trip to the Big Apple. We met up with Aunt Ann and cousins Sultana and Tyler. Halainah fits right into the NY scene with Sultana's sunglasses...such a cutie!

At an Italian restaurant in NY. Halainah sipped through a straw for the very first time. I was very pleased as it makes things so much easier to have a child be able to drink out of a straw while out and about. Tony yells at me all of time because I always forget that darn sippy cup!

Cousin Tyler with Elmo on the streets of New York.

Sultana, Tyler and Halainah in a gigantic Toys R Us in the city. The place was massive with a giant dinosaur and Ferris wheel inside. Tyler was very excited about all of the trucks and Halainah was excited about everything. As for me...well I had to get out of there after a short while.

How cute! The love of cousins...Tyler and Halainah holding hands!

Halainah and I met up with a good friend of mine, Jeffrey whom I have known for years. These beautiful girls are his daughters, Chayse and Brynn. All three of them had a blast at the park. Halainah needs to play with other kids so it was a nice day out.

Brynn trying to get Halainah to drive the train they were sitting in. Halainah wasn't so sure about it.

The girls on the park bench. Of course Halainah isn't looking because she's too interested in everything else going on. Jeffrey, Friday we are free if you want to hit another park.


Amy said...

That will be a great story to tell both your girls, "the poop story" What we do as parents :) Can you believe it has been 6 months? She is awful cute!


PS can't wait to watch the Mei Mei story unfold.

Natalie said...

Deanna, don't let the doctor get you overly concerned about Halainah's weight. Lauren has ALWAYS been petite, since birth. She was breastfed for 13 months. At a few of her check-ups, the doctor had me worried about her weight, which hovered somewhere around the 5th percentile. He even got so far as to mention doing some tests. But in every way, Lauren appeared to be healthy. She ate well, she was meeting her milestones, she was happy, she slept fine. Nothing in my mommy gut was telling me something was wrong. I don't remember if it was her 12 or 18 month check, but she started going up the curve and the doctor backed off. Finally, at her 2-year check-up she moved into the 10th percentile for her weight and her doctor was satisfied with that. Like you said, you have to account for height, too. 120 pounds is not the same on a 5' tall woman as it is a 5'9" woman, for example. She looks perfect to my non-doctor eyes ;)

We're having a busy summer here, too. We'll be leaving for Florida next week. YAY! I hope you all have a fabulous time on your vacation!

4 vs 1 said...

Poop paint...ewww...I think we've all been through that at least once! you are TRULY a Mommy! HA!

As for the are right, she is perfectly proportioned and HEALTHY! If you want to try something to fatten her up a wee bit, you could add butter to things or give her Homo milk or add bread to her soups, etc. But I think Natalie is right...don't sweat it!

I am praying for you on your new EXCITING!

Nicole & Rupert said...
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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

If a you left us a comment and it was deleted...I am so sorry. I don't know what happened. Very mysterious!