Monday, July 20, 2009


Note:I (Tony) removed our previous post. It was a dictation I made to Deanna which was made in anger and I regret now for doing so. This blog is about our daughter and nothing more.

Shortly after we returned home from China, our doctor put Halainah on whole milk. She told us that she feels very strong about the benefits of organic milk. So she said that if there is one thing to go organic with it should be the milk. So I agreed and have been giving Halainah organic whole milk for the last 6 months.

So while I was in the super market this weekend I noticed that there was hormone free milk as well as organic milk. Now the hormone free milk was about 1/2 the cost of the organic milk. And only slightly more expensive than regular milk. I did wind up buying a gallon of the hormone free milk. But now I feel guilty that I opted for something less healthy because of price. So if anyone has done the research between organic versus hormone free milk, I would love to hear your opinions.

Well we most certainly had a very eventful weekend. A trip to Staten Island on Friday to start off our weekend. On Saturday I took a much needed break and met up with 2 of my college friends. We sat for hours talking about the past and the present. We enjoyed a few drinks together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We walked around a quaint little town and perused the small shops. It really was a great afternoon. Old friendships were rekindled and I am looking forward to rebuilding great and everlasting friendships. Halainah and Tony spent quality father daughter time together. And when I got home Halainah had a new toy she was playing with that daddy bought for her. It appears that they took a trip to Walmart together. She was very excited to show me her new toy when I got home.

Our vacation is quickly approaching so we spent Sunday running errands and getting ready. We somehow made it to Walmart again and daddy bought Halainah another toy which is an outdoor slide. Halainah's daddy sure does spoil his little girl. Once we got home we spent the rest of the afternoon playing in our backyard and swimming in the pool (or at least daddy and Halainah). And now a new week is starting and life is back to the same old, same old...sort of.

Halainah enjoying pool time!

This is why we give Halainah Organic milk...and is what we are trying to avoid...silly daddy!

Halainah playing on her new toy that daddy bought for her!


4 vs 1 said...

What a cutie patootie!

I'm glad you were able to connect with some old friends...that's always so much fun! I hope you can build on the friendship again!

I hope that, even though the post is gone, you were able to get some closure/comfort/ventage. Sometimes, it's the typingit out and getting it all out that feels the best. More hugs and prayers for better times.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tony/Deanna..

Organic vs. Hormone Free, my specialty.....Hormone-Free milk is milk that has come from cows that were not given hormones to boost their milk production. Organic milk is from cows that not only weren't given hormones but also ate pesticide free and food. Also there is no preservatives in organic milk. So organic milk is definitely the way to go, if you have a Shop Rite near you they have their own brand of organic milk which is pretty reasonable. Hope it helps...

Rob O.