Thursday, July 30, 2009


Halainah...our little Beach Bunny!

Today was another beautiful and hot day. The sun has been shining since we got here. And I am hoping that the weather remains this beautiful. I have heard that it has been raining non stop at home...and all I can say is that is stinky. Oh and hopefully we don't get hit with the rainy weather in North please keep it in Jersey.

We hit the sandy beaches again today. We loaded up all the supplies and piled in towards the ocean. It was perfect beach weather. It was very hot today so we were all in the water a bunch of times during the day. We had a picnic lunch with delicious sandwiches. Everything tastes better on the beach...must be the salt air. We are all in heaven and are sad at the thought of our vacation ending. We are nearing one week down and only one week left. But I'm not thinking about it because it is just way too sad.

Our little family of three...Tony, Halainah and myself, are so thankful for our Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario, for without them this vacation would not be possible. We love them so very very much. And it is so difficult to portray in words the love and gratitude we have for them. We owe them the world. I honestly don't know what we have done to deserve how much they spoil us. And I just feel that thank you is most certainly not enough. We love you Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mario!

Cousin love...Alyssa kissing Halainah!

Halainah running towards the water...we just got to the beach!

Looking cute!

Happy in the beach bunny!

Having a blast with cousin CJ!

Riding on a tube!

Riding the waves...Uncle Mario had fun pushing Halainah and CJ on the tube!

So Cute!
Uncle Mario and Halainah...this is such a beautiful pic. and now one of my favorites!

Splashing in the water with her Godfather...they are so in love!

Billy, Tony and CJ going out for a ride on the tube!

Getting ready to catch the wave!

Wipe Out!

This is our beach setup and it's most certainly the life!

Daddy and Halainah sitting in the sand by the water!

Nonno and Nonna...aren't they so cute!

It's hard being a beach bunny!


Gardenia said...

oh my. she is having big fun on that tube. The first pic -- she's sash-ay-ing along. love the one with her on the beach when you fist got there. and the ponytail on top is too much!!

Courtney said...

Love all the great photos. So glad she is enjoying the beach. I love the last photo of her sleeping, so sweet!

Danielle Banks said...

So cute, asleep on the beach!!