Friday, June 25, 2010


Recently I was asked why I was adopting another child.

"If you had a few hours I may be able to lay out my hearts desires to you."

Instead I simply listed a few reasons to this person.

But what I wasn't expecting was the reply I received.

"Don't you think it's foolish to spend all that money on a child that isn't yours?" "Why not spend the money for invitro-fertilization so that your child is truly yours."


I have a lot of praying to do for that poor poor soul.

Because of us, there will be 2 less orphans in the world.

Life After 18 Seconds, our story, was named because statistically every 18 seconds a child is orphaned in this world. On the 19th second is where our story began and continues to be written through God's grace.


Amy said...

After experiencing the pure AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL experience of adoption. I don't know how in the world everyone doesn't grow a family this way. I just know someday we will go back for another (my husband just doesn't know it yet :) )

You are right PURE IGNORANCE, stupidity. It is so hard to not get on my soap box even with my fiends, I so wish more of them would adopt. My question is "why not?"

My daughter is no more or less of my child than my bio-boys. They all have their uniqueness in our family and are all gifts from GOD. All my children, all loved and cherished.


My Three Sons said...


People can be so dumb. plain and simple.

Hugs. Halainah is ALLLLL gave her a future.