Sunday, September 20, 2009


What an exciting weekend we had! It started off like most of our weekends lately with a trip to Grandma's and Grandpa's for a visit. Halainah knows once we pull up to Grandma's and runs straight for the door. She loves visiting as do we and she loves when Baby Vincent is there to visit as well.

On Saturday, we packed into the car bright and early and headed out to a couple of garage sales. This was actually a first for us as we were never into garage sales. Well the first one that we stopped at was very disappointing so we ventured out to the next. Well Halainah got car sick all over the place so we passed all the rest of the sales and headed home to get cleaned up. Needless to say our garage sale venture ended very poorly.

We packed into the car once again after Halainah was cleaned up and headed to a consignment shop near us. We were on a mission to find outdoor toys for Halainah. Like playhouses and climbers and a wagon...stuff like that. We missed out on a nice Little Tykes wagon as it was already sold. Bummer! And Halainah loved it. Oh well.

Next we headed to a Ho Down that was going on at a beautiful park in our area. It was so much fun. Tons of food, music, hayrides, train rides and some carnival rides. It was huge and there were tons of people. We ran into a couple of old time friends and it was nice that they finally got to meet Halainah. Tony and I had a few more Consignment shops on our list so we left the Ho Down a little early and headed to the next shop.

This is where we struck gold...or at least I think so anyway. Consignment shops are a new thing for Tony and I as well. And if you asked me last year if I would buy used I would have said No. But look, times are tough for everyone. The way I feel is that there are certain things that are so expensive they are not worth buying brand new. This shop was immaculate. The people were so friendly and everything in the store was very clean. You would never think that some of this stuff was used. Besides about 50% of it was brand new with tags on it. We found all of these items at this one particular store. We did go to a bunch more...but they were not what we expected.

So without further are our items of decide...Deal or No Deal!

First choice of the day is a Melissa & Doug wooden sound puzzle. For those of you that are Melissa and Doug fans like me, a puzzle like this goes for around $10.00. I picked this great find up brand new in the original package for $4.25.

I couldn't resist this beautiful summer dress for Halainah for next year. It is brand new with the tags and I picked it up for $9.99. I am not sure what the original price is but I thought that it was a good deal and oh so cute!

Tony couldn't resist these purple Converse high tops. They are brand new with the tags and we picked them up for $9.99. They are a couple of sizes too big but Halainah will grow into them. These sneakers retail for $20.00 - $30.00 and sometimes more depending on the store.

The next item is used but in immaculate shape. The previous owner took great care of it and made sure that we received the instructions and all the extras with it. It is a backpack carrier that holds a child up to 45 pounds. It is perfect for hiking...especially when we go visit my brother in Colorado, perfect for walks in the park and it would have been perfect for the Ho Down that we attended. Brand new this item goes for $225.00 and is selling used on Ebay for about $85.00. We purchased it for $19.99.

Halainah loves it!

She gave daddy a wet willie....ha ha daddy!

The next item for the day is a very rare and no longer available Disney Monster's Inc. Sully costume. I am a huge Disney fan! And this costume is so well made. You can't find costumes made like this any longer. It is used but was used once for trick or treating. It is in perfect condition, no flaws what's so ever. It was made by the Disney store and is a size 2T - 4T but no way will it fit a 2 year old. I hope that Halainah will wear it next year or the year after. It is selling on Ebay for $50 - $80. We purchased it for $19.99.

Sully is the big blue monster above. Here is the costume that I purchased hanging up.

And because I could not resist. Here is Halainah wearing this awesome costume. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself :)

She was acting so goofy!

So that was our day of cool finds. I think we made out well...what do you think? I am liking this consignment store shopping although we did not find any outdoor toys.


Amy said...

The Sully costume is adorable or shall I say the girl and the Sully costume . . . so CUTE!! I have been trying out the consignment shops lately, not found anything yet but am hopeful.


4 vs 1 said...

GREAT deals! She is the cutest Sully EVER.

Now I have to tell you that we have the farm animals version of that puzzle.

For some reason, it has started to makes sounds on its own.

Imagine my horror the other night when I walked through the family room, with my big bowl of chips and the cow goes, "MOOOOOOOOOO!"


Gardenia said...

wow, what great buys and finds. I love her in the back pack thingy. and of course the monster suit. looks like you're all set for Halloween.

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

What an ADORABLE Sully!!!! Soo cute!

I love the back pack carrier I have for my boys. I took Nico everywhere in it. I traveled to Alaska once a month for 6 months while Mike was working there. The backpack freed my hands for luggage and hiking was great! I even rode a bicycle with him in the backpack. Luca is a little heavier to carry, but we use it once in a while for him.

Terra H. said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog through the blog hop. I'd say that you've done quite well with the deals that you found. I'm like a kid in the candy store when I find a great bargain. The pics of your daughter in the Sully costume are just adorable.

Jerri said...

I love the Sully costume. Those pics are so adorable!