Sunday, October 25, 2009


Without further ado, I present Halainah's most beautiful Birthday Invitations. Isn't it stunning? This invitation is so special to us, not only because it is simply amazing but because they were made with an enormous amount of love and kindness.

Andrea over at Two Little Birds has a heart of gold. She has been following our journey for a short time. At the time I only knew her through her blog posts and her beautiful comments that she would leave for me. I was shocked one day when I was reading through my comments that she wanted to create Halainah's birthday invitations as a very special birthday present. I was practically a stranger. And I was truly touched by her offer and stunned by her kindness. You see, Andrea is a busy mommy herself and I know how precious and limited time can be.

Andrea came up with the design and the wording of Lainey's invitations. And it was as if she truly knew what I wanted to say even before I told her. Since Halainah was turning 2 but this was our very first birthday with her we needed to somehow convey that in her invitation. Andrea captured every thing and more that I wanted Halainah's invitations to be. And she put up with a million photo changes from me. Please take a look at Andrea's work at: She truly creates such beautiful masterpieces.

Andrea, I will never forget your kindness and pure generosity towards us, a practical stranger at the time. This is such a beautiful story that will be forever written in Halainah's life book. We have added your masterpiece to her scrapbook where our family will treasure it forever. I simply could never thank you enough my friend. And I can only hope that I can follow in your footsteps and deeply touch some one's life like you did ours.


Anonymous said...


What a nice thing for Andrea to do for you!

Thanks for sharing!!!


Gardenia said...

wow. that is a gorgeous invitation. I went to middle school in pennsylvania many moons ago, with a boy named Tom. wonder if that is your hubby. :)

Courtney said...

What a wonderful blessing. The invitation is beautiful as well as the little girl they are for.

Andrea said...

I was more than happy to do it!!! I'm glad you like them!

Briana's Mom said...

They are stunning! They definitely outdo the Mickey Mouse invites I sent out for Briana's birthday - LOL!!!

Amy said...