Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

Halainah's very first Halloween was a "happy" success minus the rain.

Our festivities began on Friday morning with an early trip to Staten Island. Halainah showed up at Grandma's door wearing her Lady bug costume. Grandma spoiled her with some Halloween treats and Halainah was so excited. In fact, she didn't want to part with her plastic pumpkin filled with her treats. We managed somehow to talk her into leaving the pumpkin behind while we all ran out to take care of a few things. Later on in the evening, Aunt Chrissy, Uncle Joe and Cousin Vincent came to eat dinner with us. Before the evening ended we were able to dress our cuties in their Halloween costume's so we could take some pics. and laugh a bit. Of course it was nearly impossible to get the cuties to stay put or for both of them to look our way ...but we captured a few.

On Saturday, we had a bazillion stops to make which included stopping at Opa's for a quick trick or treat stop and on to errands for Halainah's party. We finally made it to Aunt Bonnie's later in the afternoon for homemade yummy...and trick or treating in her neighborhood. By this time it was pouring but Halainah and cousin Norman didn't seem to mind at all. Even though it was a short time out because of the rain, I have such wonderful memories to hold onto. It took about 3 or so houses for Halainah to understand the concept. But she quickly mastered it, running from door to door saying, "Tri-Treat." She was laughing and smiling and holding on to her loot for dear life. She must have told us "happy" a million times that day. She melts our hearts every time she tells us she's happy with the most beautiful grin from ear to ear. Mind you on any given day she tells us, "happy" at least 50 times. But on Friday and Saturday it was more than 100 times. I wonder how many times she will tell us "happy" at her birthday party next Saturday. I can't wait to find out.

I have some pictures to share but unfortunately the trick or treating pics. are on a different camera so I hope to share those later on in the week.

I hope you all had a very happy Halloween filled with fantastic memories.

Halainah entertaining Aunt Chrissy, Uncle Joe and Cousin Vincent

Halainah's treats from Grandma and the pumpkin she carried around with her for days. She even fell asleep with it in her arms.

Aunt Chrissy, Cousin "Monkey" Vincent and "Lady Bug" Halainah

The proud daddy's, Uncle Joe with Cousin "Monkey" Vincent and daddy with his Lainey Bug

Another cute pic.

Lainey still holding her Pumpkin...thanks Grandma!

Lainey was a lady bug for Halloween but later on that evening we put her in another costume, Elmo because we couldn't resist.

Checking out some goodies.

She didn't take her eyes off of her stash for one minute!

Holding onto her "pops" for dear life!


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Too cute. This was Luca's 2nd Halloween, but he was able to walk by himself this year. He also held onto his pumpkin basket for dear life. He wouldn't let me empty any of the goodies out of it to lighten the load either. He kept saying, "Mine!"

She makes a beautiful butterfly! I also love the monkey costume.

4 vs 1 said...

So cute! I'm glad she had fun!

aamayna said...

I love her as Elmo! So glad she had fun adn was "happy"!! Very cute!

Gardenia said...

oh I love that ladybug costume. so cute. and she's a doll in the Elmo costume too.

ishatrisha said...

i'm glad you had a great halloween. I can't wait to see the post about the big birthday party!