Monday, March 28, 2011


Tony and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Halainah's heart was healed the minute we accepted her referral from China. God calmed our fears and he was in charge of her miraculous life.

When we arrived home from China back in January of 2009 we took Halainah to a very trusted Pediatric Cardiologist. He gave us great news that her heart condition was very minor, but could not give us a clear bill of health because she was too small. He wanted to give her more time to grow and he also thought that she would never sit still long enough for an Echo cardiogram (ultrasound of her heart). So he sent us home and advised us to return 2 years later.

March 24th 2011 has now become a very signifant day for our family. Halainah has been diagnosed as "100% healthy with a beautiful heart" by her trusted and well liked Cardiologist. Halainah has been healed by our Lord and Savior. We are eternally grateful.

Our Cardiologist also commented on Halainah's spirit. "She's such a beautiful little girl, so full of energy and life."

She truly is our miracle from God. We love her more than anything in this world and she loves us. She will kiss our hands, forehead, lips and cheeks all day long. She tells us she loves us a bazillion times a day. She truly is heaven on earth.

Last Sunday in church, an older woman approached us after mass was over and stated, "For the rest of my life, I will never forget your daughter kissing your hands and telling you how much she loves you." She told us it touched her deeply.

Thank you Lord for holding Halainah in the palm of your hand!!