Sunday, June 22, 2014


At the end of February we were matched with our son.  He was one week shy of 10 months old.  We were shocked as we were expecting a baby girl.   As soon as I received the phone call that would add another precious miracle to our family, I knew we were meant to have a son.  I am beyond excited to have a little boy join our crazy girl world.

Our son is currently residing in Loudi City which is in the Hunan Province of China.  His Chinese name is Lou Kang Nan.  He is called NanNan by his nannies.  He is described as being a strong little baby, stout little arms and legs, squabbly  little belly (not sure what that means), short and spare hair, chubby face, gleaming big eyes, stretching his little lips, horribly cute.  We think he is perfect in every single way.

We are naming our son Colton Anthony.  Boys names are so hard.  We tossed a bunch of them back and forth to each other and none of them sounded right.  We think Colton will fit him perfectly and we will call him Cole for short.

So without further adieu let me introduce you to our son who we are madly and deeply in love with.  We pray that the Lord is preparing his heart for Gotcha Day.  Gotcha Day is so bittersweet for me.  It's one of the best days of our lives yet devastating for our little treasures.  Halainah loved us as much as we loved her from day one.  Ava struggled terribly on Gotcha Day and for many days afterwards.  I pray somehow Colton feels at peace and feels loved.  1 1/2 more weeks before we embark on our next journey.


Courtney said...

What a sweet little guy! Love his name.