Monday, March 30, 2009


What an exhausting weekend to say the least. We spent it running errands, visiting my father-in-law in the hospital and attending my sister-in-laws baby shower. Our weekend was full of a lot of driving and Lainey Bug tolerated it well for the most part. Except for the last 1/2 hour in the car. She was in the car for 5 hours on Sunday and she does not like to be strapped in. So by the last half hour she melted, screaming on the top of her lungs basically saying "let me out of this car!" After about 10 minutes I was able to calm her down and bribe her with her favorite snack cup full of treats. And she went from screaming her head off to saying "Mmmmmmmmmmm." That's her new favorite word now (well if you would consider that a word). Everytime she eats something she says "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." Oh so cute. Did I tell you lately how in love I am with her?

My father-in-law is at an all time low. It is so painful to watch. We are still waiting upon tests and truthfully I simply do not have the energy to get into how terrible the hospital is that he is in. He has been staring at the same 4 walls for an entire month now. And he spends a lot of the time in the hospital by himself. He's aggravated and weak, his spirit is broken. He kept telling Tony that he just wants this ball game to end. He's giving up and he has such a long road ahead of him. So I am desperately asking for your prayers for speedy test results, for getting out of the hospital very soon, for the best treatment plan possible and for his spirits to be lifted so that he has the strength to fight this beast. Thank you to all and by the way his name is Sabatino so please add his name to your prayers.

Amongst this crazy weekend Tony and I and Halainah of course found time to spend some fun alone time together. On Friday we spent about an hour in our backyard enjoying the warm weather. We talked about all the fun we are going to have in the summer out there. We went out to dinner and Halainah was a Ham of course. She is such a flirt with the guys. And watch out if your table is close to her because she will stare and blow kisses and wave all night at you. She sure does get a lot of attention. And after dinner we strolled through the mall in Halainah's new stroller. It's one of those joggers with the 3 wheels. For some reason she just LOVES being in there, she thinks it's a ride or something. Of course I bought clothes for my Lainey Bug. The Children's Place had some great deals and I had a gift certificate for Baby I had to spend that. And the best part is that daddy LOVES to shop for his little girl too. He picked some very special outfits for her. After the mall we went to our favorite ice cream shop and sat outside enjoying the warm evening. It really was nice to spend some quiet family time together. It's been a long time.

Enjoy the pics of our weekend!

Oh and by the way, you will notice Halainah's skin looks horrible in some of the pics. We are having a difficult time controlling her eczema. Johnson & Johnson products are horrible including Aveno. I started using Cetaphil. I used Burt's Bees products in China and I didn't seem to have a problem with them so I am going to go back to that. I started adding apricot oil to her baths. If anyone has experience with baby eczema I would love to know what you find works best.

Halainah was dressed so beautiful for Aunt Chrissy's Baby Shower!

She loves giving kisses!

Halainah staring outside...she wants to go outside to play!
Halainah cruises around the entire house with her lion!
She loves her letter magnets on the fridge!
Summer feet!
She's got such a cute bum!
Daddy and his baby girl going for a stroll!
I love to be outside!
Daddy and his China Doll!
Walking is so much fun!
Daddy loves to spend every moment he gets with his Lainey Bug!
Mommy and her hidden treasure! I can kiss those sweet lips all day long!
Lainey loved our outside swing!
I love that beautiful face!

Our happy girl!


Natalie said...

I'm glad you were able to have such a lovely weekend as a family. Time to be treasured for sure. And I love that Tony loves to shop for Halainah! Shaun is a lot mushier than I even thought he'd be with a little girl, but I'm still not sure I could get him to shop for her, LOL! Actually, I take that back. He has bought her a few things. A little while back we were in Wal-Mart and he insisted on buying her this cute little pink striped winter hat and gloves. That really tickled me.

That rearview picture of Tony and Halainah...PRICELESS! You definitely should blow that one up and frame it. Maybe even do it in black and white with just certain parts colored. That would be awesome!

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

~ Nat