Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Happy Birthday to my Jiu Jiu

How many Jiu Jiu's does it take
To make a Jiu Jiu heaven
Just one is all I need
And you're the very best forever

So that is why today I send
A birthday wish to say
Happy Birthday to my Jiu Jiu
Have a really special day

-altered from Heart Whispers

Halainah's exact words,
"I yew Jiu Jiu!" (I love you Jiu Jiu!)

And I might add it is oh so cute when she says it!


Kate said...

Jiu Jiu and I share a birthday so he has to be awesome :-) I can't believe she is turning 2 soon D. It seems like the other day we were selling lollys in the office :-)

Amy said...

The second to last photo . . . they are just gazing at each other, so sweet!!!

Gardenia said...

what beautiful photos of Halainah and her JiuJiu.

Robert said...

Thank you to my favorite niece in the whole world. I yew my Lainey Bug too!
Jiu Jiu