Friday, December 4, 2009


Halainah is such a lucky little girl. Her Godparents love her so much they gave Halainah her very own motorized bike for her birthday. And this little stinker of a dare devil loves it. She tells me "side" which means outside so she can ride her bike.

She gets onto her bike and takes off with no fear.

She looks back once to make sure I am still watching.

At first it's a leisure ride taking in the fall scenery.

Which quickly turns into a race to see how far she can get. are only 2...wait for Mama!

In other news...Halainah met Santa and she most certainly feared him. Pictures soon to come!

In more other news...I am putting together a video which documents our entire adoption journey from beginning to end to honor our daughter for her 1 year anniversary with her forever family.

In more more other news...I have a great fund raising idea to help with our newest adoption journey to Halainah's Mei Mei. I am actually very excited about it and hope with the help of my Aunts and cousin we can make my idea into a huge success.

I can't wait to share our video with you once done and my fund raising campaign...hopefully both turn out spectacular.

Many Blessings From Our Family To Yours!


Gardenia said...

ooooooo, she's cruisin'. She's got some pretty doting grandparents I can see.

Kate said...

I remember when Devon got his first motorized four wheeler. He got it for Christmas and Mark and my brother spent a while putting all the stickers on on Christmas was funny :-)

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

So cute!

You are adopting again? Congratulations!