Wednesday, December 2, 2009


On November 7th, all of our family and friends gathered together to celebrate Halainah's 2nd birthday and her very first celebration with her family. It was a beautiful day and a day that we honestly thought would only be a dream for us. At one very low point in our lives, we never thought that we would have children. And now we are blessed with the most beautiful angelic child, a child that is ours forever.

We had 80 of our most amazing relative and friends come out to honor our daughter. And Halainah had a blast. She laughed and laughed all day long. She had tons of tons of treats. And she was given tons and tons of hugs and kisses.

Halainah's party took a month or so to plan and flew by in an instant. But we have beautiful memories captured both in pictures and video. I can't wait to share this special day with Halainah when she is older.

Thank you so much to our family and friends who made our daughter's birthday so special. The only thing missing was my mom and Jiu Jiu.

Enjoy the pics and hopefully they paint a picture of how amazing Halainah's birthday really was.

Here's Halainah getting ready for her special day.

The Godparent Sandwich

Halainah and cousin Mikey whom she adores

Halainah's big balloon or "boon" as she calls it.

Still trying to get ready.

Uncle Mario, my Mother In Law and Father In Law all chatting.

Halainah enjoying a bag of chips that she normally can't have.

Trampoline fun with Halainah's cousins and friends.

Cousin Antoinette taking really good care of her little cousin

Halainah and cousin Tyler hanging out on the Trampoline

Daddy and Halainah in their birthday hats

Halainah and Giggles the Clown and Cousin TJ in the background

Some of the party crew.

Me trying to get Halainah to say hello to Elmo...Nope...wasn't going to happen.

Elmo and cousin Tyler

More trampoline fun with cousins Antoinette, cutie pie Leanna and Mikey

The beautiful China Doll cousins

Balloon fun with the clown

Halainah eating her first cupcake

She dove right in

Halainah's beautiful cake

Sharing with Aunt Bonnie

Present time

She quickly got the hang of ripping her gifts open

Lainey and cousin cute


Amy said...

Looks like an amazing day for a beautiful little girl. So blessed we are to have our children. Such a celebration


Gardenia said...

what a wonderful celebration. look at all those presents!!! and that tutu outfit is perfect for the occasion. such a little 2 year old beauty!

Courtney said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration. Her outfit is adorable!

Amy said...

I just wanted to thank you for the kind and encouraging words you left on my blog tonight. Your daughter is beautiful. It gives me such hope to see families like yours!

My Three Sons said...


She TOTALLY rocked her tutu!!!

That child is the most beautiful little angel I have seen and she looks SO happy.

I'm so glad God chose you and Tony to be her were clearly MADE to have her.

God bless you all and Happy Belated Birthday Halainah!!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Wow, what a wonderful party! She looks so cute in her birthday tutu. Those 'firsts' at home are so wonderful. I still don't feel like I missed a think with mine, even though I know I did. But there are always 'firsts' once they are home.