Friday, June 24, 2011


Look what arrived in my inbox yesterday!

Oh my....I just want to kiss those adorable cheeks.

I am still waiting for measurements. I am so torn between bringing 18 month clothes and 24 month clothes. I don't want her clothes to be too big because it's going to be so hot there. And I want her to be comfortable.

And I want to bring at least 1 pair of shoes with me. I wish I knew what size she was wearing in the picture below because clearly they are the wrong size. I am thinking about packing a size 5 based on what size Halainah was at her age. But Halainah has such a small foot. At 14 months old she was wearing a shoe size of a 3-6 month old. And almost at the age of 4 she is wearing only one size larger than her 2 year old cousin Vincent.

In the first pic she looks like such a little peanut. In the second pic. she looks like such a big girl.

What do you think? She is currently 21 months old.

Hopefully I will receive updated measurements but there is no guarantee.

Come on Article 5...what the heck is taking you so long!!

My baby girl needs us!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Things are moving along for our next miracle daughter. On June 6th we received our I 800 approval. On June 11th, our approval was cabled to China. We are now waiting for our Article 5 which should arrive in 2 weeks. Than we wait for China to issue our Travel approval. So many steps left and my arms and heart are aching for our baby girl. We should travel in August....but wish it were so much sooner. I requested an update so hopefully we get a much needed surprise this week.

We are trying to keep busy to keep our minds off of waiting. We were finally able to make a trip to the beach today. It was a gorgeous day and Halainah was in all her glory. We gave her a choice between Sesame Place and the Beach...she chose the beach...she's such a beach bunny.

And since I haven't posted any pics. in a while of our beautiful you go:

We enjoyed a special family day today. But there was someone who is VERY special and VERY loved that was missing!!

Soon baby girl...I promise...soon!!