Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I just love when I take an outfit out of Ava's closet that was her big sister's. When I put it on her it brings back such beautiful memories we had with Halainah. It makes me sad that Halainah is growing up so fast...but so happy that we have amazing pictures to remember those moments...moments that we will cherish forever. And thankful that God blessed us with another miracle that we can love and nurture and create amazing memories with as well. Thank you Lord for these beautiful gifts!!

This is Halainah at 18 months old in her very first Matilda Jane dress. This is the dress that got me hooked and now I am obsessed with MJ. This picture was taken in the Outer Banks, North Carolina...and it was such an amazing vacation.

This is Ava at 23 months in Changchun, China. It was so incredible to see my new daughter come out of her shell a little and smile in her big sister's dress. This picture was taken only 3 days after she was taken away from the life she had known and placed into our arms.

This is Halainah at 17 months in our backyard. We were on our way to one of Aunt Bonnie's famous BBQ's.

This is Ava at 23 months old. I rolled the waist on her pants twice. She has such a tiny waist. I have learned that dresses work best on her tiny body and if I do put a skirt or pants on her...12 months is the way to go.


My Three Sons said...

So sweet!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are just too cute!!!

Aunt Crystal

Amy said...

Ah!! Beautiful daughters and sisters. Hope your house is getting put back together.

TanyaLea said...

SO adorable!! I love that you saved the outfits for Ava to wear, too! (I'm kinda doing the same thing 'hoping' for the future!! ~ in God's timing, of course!) You have the best taste in clothes for your girls... super cute!!!

Thinking of you SO much and keeping you in my prayers.