Friday, January 22, 2010

ANOTHER CRAZY WEEK life has slowed down slightly...only slightly. I still have a gazillion things on my plate. But I am just going to keep breathing.

We just recently sold our very expensive truck and moved into a very affordable, very reliable car that we hope will last for many years. I am hoping for 15 years. But that would make Halainah 17 and that is just way too scary for me to even think about.

I was the lucky winner of the "thing" I posted about below. And that "thing" was a job that I desperately wanted that I had interviewed for. It seemed as though it was a great fit for me and I was very excited about it. They called on Monday to offer me the job. Unfortunately, I needed more time than they were willing to give me. I needed at least a week to find adequate daycare. I suppose they were not willing to give me that time and I was unable to find help so...there goes that!

Tony and I have been mapping our lives out for the past 6 months. Reducing bills and monthly payments was one part of it. Now comes the larger part of mapping out our lives. Let's just say we have a vision and that vision means a complete life change. But it would better our lives. It's a work in progress.

Yesterday Halainah saw a commercial for "Elmo Live...When Elmo Grows Up." She went nuts screaming Elmo and clapping and dancing. It was just so adorable. So what is a Mother to do? I called Tony and told him Halainah wanted to go see Elmo Live, so we ordered the tickets. But the show is in April. So that stinks but I am very excited for Halainah.

On Tuesday, Halainah's cousin Tyler slept over. Halainah and Tyler played until midnight. The next day my cousin and I took the little cousins, Tyler and Halainah into Brooklyn. They had a blast at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. They are so cute together and love each other very much. The next day when Halainah woke up, she walked into the spare bedroom calling for him..."Tye Tye." She was very sad that he went home.

Well, our family is off for another jammed packed weekend where we will not have 1 minute to ourselves. But it should be fun.

Hope your weekend is just as spectacular.

Many Blessings to All!

Halainah loved the slide the most at the children's museum.

Drawing at one of the exhibits.

Check out the size of that snake...not too sure if Halainah liked him or not.

Looking through a magnifying glass!

Tyler and Halainah going grocery shopping!

Playing with water...another one of her favorites.

Tyler and Halainah standing in front of a cool work of art.

Enjoying lollipops on the streets of Brooklyn.

Last weekend, my grandma made a turkey dinner....delicious! And the cousins had a blast playing together.

Halainah looking cute.

Cousins Cassandra and Halainah being silly!

Aghhhh....the love of cousins.


Kate Q said...

Hey D, I have a possible suggestion for a job. Why dont you get your notary license and be a closing agent? Its pretty easy to do and you have enough contacts to get in with some title companies. You can set your hours and still be able to spend a lot of time with the Bug. Just a thought :-)

Amy said...

Good to see you posting again. I was starting to worry. Life changes . . . we are in the process of such things, moving, me finding or not finding a job. Life decisions are so hard to make.


Gardenia said...

what a lovely lilttle girlie. love her outfits too. that job wasn't supposed to be the one for you. God's got a different plan in mind for you, don't you know? My daughter went to see Elmo Live and absolutely loved it. she was mesmerized, loved loved it. it is money well spent. Well, i should clarify. we went to see two different shows, the first one was really great. It was called everything makes music. lots of dancing and singing. the second one was called Elmo's green thuimb -- i think that was the one we saw. it was ok, but not as great -- singing and dancing-wise -- as the first one. But my daughter loved them both the same I think. i really loved the first one, not so much the second one.

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love her little pink dress! She is always dressed so cute.

Sorry to hear about the job. What a bummer, they couldn't wait one week...I guess it was not meant to be.

aamayna said...

What a fun time! I just love all of her outfits!