Monday, January 4, 2010


On January 4, 2009, in a small room in the Gloria Hotel located in Nanchang China, Jiangxi Province, a beautiful little girl was pulled from the life she knew and placed into our loving arms where her new life began.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we just flew from 20 degree weather from Beijing to 50 degree weather in Nanchang. There were 3 other families with us, and all three families were on a natural high as we knew that our lives were about to become complete.

Upon arriving to the hotel we were told that the babies did not arrive yet. We hurried to our room and started to unpack all of the baby stuff that we packed. I was actually putting diaper and wipes and little baby clothes away in a drawer, for only a short hour or so we would become parents. There was a knock on our door from our guide Sissi. In her gentle little voice she said, "the babies are here, come quick." We all scurried into her room and one by one the babies came in.

Our dear friends Rob and Susan received their miracle first, beautiful little Lily. We snapped pictures and shed a few tears of joy for our new found friends. Than I remember Tony saying, "Dee, Dee...she's here....Halainah's here. And when I looked up, I saw the most beautiful little miracle that God could ever give us...our daughter...Halainah Grace.

I rushed to her nanny and thought for a split second..."should I take Halainah out of her arms." Well a split second passed and I scooped her up and gave her the most cherished warm hug and kiss I could. With tears in my eyes I ran to Tony and at that very moment is when our family finally felt complete.

It was a hectic time afterwards as there were about 20 people in a small hotel room. The nannies gave us some very special gifts and one by one we exited the room. With our miracle in our arms, Tony and I walked to our hotel room amazed by God's grace. My brother who was walking behind us was sobbing tears of joy for he himself had not witnessed a miracle to this magnitude.

Once we got back to our hotel room, we unbundled Halainah as she was wrapped up like a burrito. She never cried once. She just stared at all of us soaking in her new life. We gave her a bath and got her all nice and cozy...and our lives as a family of 3 began.

Looking back at this past year with Halainah...I am amazed at what a beautiful little angel she has become. She smiles all of the time and emanates joy wherever she goes. We are constantly told that she is such a happy baby. And she is. But more so, she is the joy of our lives. She is our everything. She was destined to be our daughter and we thank God for her everyday. Years of trying to conceive somehow disappeared the moment our daughter was placed in our arms. I can't wait to see what the future holds for our treasure. For I know that anything she touches will turn to gold. She is a true angel here on earth.

Happy 1 year Gotcha day baby girl. We love you more than you could possibly fathom. You are our world and we love you all the way to heaven and back. I love your giant hugs, your sweet kisses and your warm snuggles (we call them snoogles). Our life is complete all because of one giant miracle delivered all the way from China...that's you...our most cherished Halainah Grace Qinyang.

Exactly One Year Ago Today...the moment Halainah made us whole.

Today, Halainah has grown into such a beautiful big girl. But she didn't like her gotcha day clothes...she kept saying, "off."

Talking to Daddy on the phone today. He called to say, "Happy Gotcha Day my angel."

Jiu Jiu holding his niece for the first time on Gotcha day 1 year ago.

Today, sitting in the comforts of her very own bedroom.

1 Year Ago, being unbundled from all 5 layers of clothes. Although she never cried, she was unsure of her surroundings and sort of just sat and looked around.

Today I see a happy little girl who is very sure of who she is and is very happy to be with her mommy and daddy.

Sleeping all snug like a bug in a rug on her very own little chair. Our miracle whom we thank God for everyday.


My Three Sons said...

Oh Deanna...what a beautiful post! I have tears in my eyes after reading those lovely words!

Happy Gotcha Day to all of you!!!

God bless!

Amy said...

So sweet! I could feel your post deep down in my heart. Congratulations!!! A beautiful little girl, whom I hope to meet someday.


The lovely Gloria hotel, I have such fond memories of it.

Gardenia said...

beautiful post. I got goosebumps on my arms when I saw the picture of Halainah in her nanny's arms, picturing you there about to scoop her up, probably fighting back the tears of joy in your eyes. and the pic of you holding her with dh there too, priceless. what joy for sure. thanks for sharing. i love reading stories of families being made.

Anonymous said...

I was just flashing back to a year ago when I was checking your blog posts about 40 times a day, morning / noon & night and sometimes between midnight and dawn because I was never clear on the time difference!!!

Wow! What a beautiful post!!! Keep up the good job Deanna and Tony, you are great parents!!!

Love you all,
Aunt Ann

Courtney said...

Happy Gotcha Day. Beautiful post, I loved reading about your special day.

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

What a great post. My how she has grown in one year. It brought back all the memories of my 3 boys, each adoption journey different and special.


Sarah said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your Gotcha Day with us! God's blessings, Sarah :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Gotcha Day Monkey. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives! what a true blessing you have been. We love you and think of you every day
Tia Crystal