Monday, January 11, 2010


It's here again. That feeling of being so overwhelmed you just want to sleep through it all.

There is so much going on in our household right now. Between trying to Re-finalize Halainah's adoption, trying to keep the train moving with Halainah's mei mei's adoption and trying to minimize monthly payments (why is it when one bill goes down another goes up?), and of course trying to find a job in this economy, I just want to cry.

Tony and I have been out everyday this past week trying to take care of business and Halainah has been carted right along with us. I think she is feeling the stress as well.

And did you ever want something so bad that your want to jump out of your skin with anticipation waiting to hear if you are the lucky winner? Oy Vey....
I'll post all about that when I can...well depending on the outcome.

Also, One year ago today our plane landed after 14 1/2 hours and our little miracle became a US citizen the minute her tiny little feet touched U.S. soil. If you want to read a great recap which was written so beautifully by Lainey's daddy right after our amazing journey to our miracle, click here.

Oh boy have I rambled in this post!

Sorry but my brain is going 5 million miles per hour.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Halainah is so exhausted from this past week! She was playing on the floor one minute and the next...sound asleep!


Gardenia said...

oh, tired little pixie. sometimes, we just have to stop in our tracks and sleep! hold on, keep the faith, God has a plan, and this is all part of it!

Courtney said...

Hopefully things will slow down and fall into place. I love the cute pictures!

Terri said...

Ahhhh, such an exhausted cutie!!!

I just went through some of your older post. I LOVE all the Matilda Jane clothes you have for Halainah! So pretty!

Okay, Are you adopting another baby? Is mei mei a sister??? Okay I'm going deeper in your past posts and I wont fall behind again!

Terri said...

Just read about your new adoption! Congrats!!!!
By the way..I want Halainah's wardrobe!!! lol

Anonymous said...

If only you lived closer!!!!Jiu, Jiu and I would love to help out with monkey to give you a break..........Move HERE ASAP..!!!!
Tia Crystal