Friday, February 5, 2010


Halainah - "Mommy"

Me - "Yes Halainah"

Halainah - "Mommy"

Me - "Yes"

Halainah - "Mommy"

Me - "YES, Halainah"

Halainah - "Stinky"

Me - "You're Stinky?"

Halainah - "Nooooo"

Me - "Then who's stinky?"

Halainah - "Daddy's stinky, PU!"

Me - "Daddy's at work, how do you know he's stinky?"

Halainah - "Daddy's stinky" (Giggles)

Halainah - "Daddy's stinky PU" (More Giggles)

Halainah - "Daddy's stinky" (Major Giggles)

Halainah - "PU"

And she repeated "Daddy's stinky" during our entire shopping trip today bursting out with laughter. Wonder what people were thinking ? Who cares! We are constantly stared at while we are out and about anyway. This just made it more enjoyable!

Look Mommy, Snow!

Out shopping!

Halainah loves rice and will just throw it into the shopping cart!

Out to lunch with Opa!

Playing at an indoor gym!

Rock climbing with Daddy!


Robert said...

PU, Daddy is stinky, I can smell him from here & I am very far away.

Anonymous said...

let's get her climbing some real rocks when she comes to visit!

My Three Sons said...

She's so funny! My goodness is she ever growing up! She looks like such a little girl in those photos and not a baby!!! I especially love the one where she's coming out of the slide!!! I could just eat her up!

Andrea said...

ha ha ha..."Daddy's stinky"

Emma does the whole, "mommy? mommy? mommy?" If we say her name she keeps doing it, if we say what she stops. Never know what she wants other than maybe she's

Sammons said...

Ok, I can tell you why everyone is staring! SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STINKIN CUTE! Look how much her hair has come in in just a year! This means Lexi Will have hair some day too! Can't wait. Have a wonderful Valentine's day with your beautiful girl, (and Stinky hubby)haha