Monday, February 1, 2010


The Greatest Gift I Ever Had

Came From God, And I Call Him Daddy!

Your The Bestest Daddy In The Whole Wide World!

Who Gives The Warmest Hugs And Most Heavenly Kisses!

I Am So Happy That All Of Our Dreams Came True

When God Sent You All The Way To China To Bring Me Home With You!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Your Little Angel,
Halainah Grace

Halainah's Daddy had to go away on business to Florida this weekend. We missed him so very very much. We said many prayers together so that daddy would come back home to us safe and sound. Our prayers varied daily but they went something along the lines of: "Dear Jesus, please protect my daddy and bring him home safe and sound. Amen." Halainah says the cutest, loudest and most cherished "Amen" that any little girl could utter! When daddy finally came home we said our prayers to him. He thought it was so very cute! The next few pics were taken as soon as we got home from the airport. Halainah was so happy to finally have her daddy safely back home and in her arms. We missed him dearly!


Andrea said...

So cute. I could burst when looking at the 3rd picture...:-)

Amy said...

So sweet to see how much she loves her daddy and for that matter how much her daddy loves her. Daddy's and their girls . . . a dream come true


Gardenia said...

she definitely missed her daddy. welcome back daddy and happy birthday too! great smiles, and love that hug between the two of them.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony!

My Three Sons said...

SOOO sweet! Happy Birthday Tony!!