Monday, February 8, 2010


Wow...I haven't taken part in a blog hop for a really long time. But I have to be honest that my interest was sparked by a very nice $100 prize to one very lucky winner who takes part in this blog hop.

My husband and I have another large lump sum of cash due to our adoption agency in the next few weeks for the next phase of our second adoption. And I am trying every way I possibly can to come up with the money. So who knows...maybe I will be the lucky winner.

This week's blog hop theme is best "Valentine Memory." So I am supposed to tell you about my most memorable Valentine's Day. First of all, I have to let you in on a little secret. I was never a big fan of Valentine's Day. The reason being is that it is 1 day prior to my birthday. So I always felt jipped because I always got a "combined deal." It was never two separate occasions for me. Anyway, my husband was warned early on in our relationship and he always did a fabulous job of keeping the two separate (well most of the time...LOL)

But my all time favorite, most exciting, most cherished and grand Valentine's day was last year. I can think of a great runner up but this is a G rated family blog...LOL. My husband and I celebrated our very first Valentine's day together with our daughter on February 14, 2009. We were still getting to know each other as we arrived home from China just 1 month prior. We celebrated our unconditional love for Halainah and how happy and complete she made us on that special day. After 10 years of trying to conceive a child, we were finally parents through God's grace...and every holiday was a million times more special after her arrival.

Valentine's Day is no longer about me or about feeling jipped because my birthday is the next day. It is all about my daughter. It is about the love I have for her, the daughter I waited 10 very long years for. And if my husband is lucky, when our little miracle daughter is finally asleep, than maybe we can celebrate our love for each other too...maybe...LOL!

Happy Blog Hopping and enjoy some pics. from last Valentine's day. I can't believe how much Halainah has grown, in more ways than one!

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Andrea said...

Awe. So cute. Ya know? I have always felt jipped too. But not because of any combined holiday, but because I have always felt like Valentines day was some hallmark holiday with long forgotten meaning. I have never thought about it as a "love in general" holiday, only a romantic one. And now that I think about it, little valentines cards for classrooms and crafts will be fun as the kids get older.

I am dying at your last 2 sentances...I know the

Courtney said...

The photos are so cute.

Gardenia said...

oh those are darling. love the hat, and her blowing a kiss. I'm sure this year's valentine's day pic will be as cute.

Michelle said...

I am sitting here in tears..of joy for your family. God does have a way of making all things new ..and good. I have never had to think of adoption. I have 2 healthy daughters who are 23 and 19, but I so respect families like your, families that will sacrifice all to make a life better. I will follow your blog and your coming adoption with much excitement..

Sandra said...

SO kute! It is woderful that you believe that you are 'parents through God's grace'. Thanks for sharing!

Kat said...

Ok, your post brought tears to my eyes as we celebrated (the day this was to come out) the referral of twins from Ethiopia! I understand that love and also, understand the fundraising (we are too). I hope they draw your name.

Katie A. said...

First off, I have always felt jipped too because my birthday is 3 days later and I was the same way in warning my husband to make them two separate events, ha! He's done a pretty good job so far. Your daughter is precious and I know it meant so much to finally be able to have her with you and celebrate the day that is all about love together!