Sunday, November 23, 2008


So sorry for not posting in the last few days, depression is terrible. But with the support of family and friends and a loving husband I am slowly trying to look through the rose colored glasses.

When I am feeling really down, I usually go shopping. OK not usually, I do go. That cheers me up BIG time. Well I can't go shopping anymore unless I win the lottery. So the next best thing is to look through all of the cutest things that either I have collected while we waited or family has given to Halainah. So here you go, a few of my favorite things.

The first outfit is from Aunt Deb, a traditional Chinese outfit in a beautiful light blue color. Halainah is going to look beautiful in it. And her cousin Cassandra who is six months older than Halainah has a matching set. I think we may just have to have a professional picture taken with the 2 beautiful cousins who united from halfway across the world. Aunt Deb has also given Halainah all of Cassandra's clothes that she outgrows and it's perfect timing. As soon as Cassandra outgrows them, Halainah should fit into them. And again, unless I win the lottery soon, I need to stay out of the stores. So thank you a million times Aunt Deb for the clothes and tons of baby stuff.

Notice the baby jade bracelet. Oh it is so so so cute. Another gift especially from Aunt Deb. It is teeny tiny and it is a beautiful shade of green. This little bracelet has a lot of meaning to me and my little gem. For thousands of years, Jade has been the most sought-after jewel in the orient. In China, people treasure it more than any other gem. There is a Chinese saying that everything has a price, but jade is priceless. Jade has been fashioned into tools and ornaments since the earliest periods of Chinese history. The Chinese believed that jade was the Stone of Heaven and anything that was made of it was imbued with special powers to protect against evil. There are legends and mysterious stories about how jade lead the mortal to become immortal, the poor to become rich and how is saved a person from disaster.

Gradually, jade became a symbol of peace, kindness, elegance, and eternity. In China, people believe that jade is more than just and ornament, that it can bring safety, wealth, health, longevity and peace of mind. I think I need to get a jade bracelet myself.

The next outfit is from her mommy. It is called a pillowcase dress and it is hand made. Her name is also embroidered on it which is one of the reasons why I love this dress. I love anything and everything with her name or initials on it. I can't wait to see her in this dress. And of course notice the cute black patent leather shoes. Every little girl needs at least 5 pairs of patent leather shoes in their wardrobe.

So there you have it, a few of my favorite things to cheer me up in a dark time that I am trying to get out of.


Natalie said...

Those are beautiful, Deanna! My sister and I are both emotional shoppers, LOL! Although, when I don't have the money to shop, sometimes even window shopping or browsing on the internet helps lift my spirits. I remember when I was waiting for my children to be born that the last few weeks before I would just go into their room and sit on the floor, or go through their clothes, or just look into the crib to imagine what they would look like sleeping in there. I cannot wait to see pictures of Halainah in her beautiful outfits! If you check out my blog, I am posting contests on there for beautiful things all the time. You might want to enter some of them for Halainah!

My prayers continue to be with you all. God bless!

~ Natalie

The Chow Family.. A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hey Dee,
Sorry to hear you are so down..special prayers going out there for your baby girl to come home SOON...Love the outfits...I want pics of her wearing all those great outfits..she is going to look beautiful!!!!!!!!
missing you..