Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Up until now, my posts have all been very positive talking about the day that we finally are united with our miracle daughter. And although we will always be excited thinking about that day, I can't help but feel extremely knocked down today. This adoption has not been easy by any means. It has been rough physically, mentally and financially. And it has been the support of my family and friends and even strangers that has gotten me through. And most certainly it has been God that has shown us miracle after miracle and through that my faith has grown strong. I have a connection with God, a home, a sense of security that I can't say I always had and it's a miraculous feeling. Today was a rough day, a very rough day at that. And I truly believe it is the work of the devil that threw a wrench in God's plan. I have been knocked down, but on my knees, I am left to pray, pray to our Lord above that he will show me the way. While on my knees I feel his power, his presence, his support, his love, his reassurance that it will all work out in the end. It's easy to turn away and fall deeper in a depression and dwell upon the evil that has occurred. I have fell victim to that many times before. But something is different this time. Something is much clearer to me. With all the evil in the world, God exists. In fact, your faith and God's will is so much stronger than we can even fathom. So today, I will not fall victim to evil. No, I will fall to my knees and handle this evil with prayer.

I ask that you please continue to keep Tony and I in your prayers. We will get through this most difficult time. God has a plan for us, this we know. And in God's plan, everything works out and happens for a reason. We did not come this far in our journey for God's plan to crumble. We will be prevailed against the enemy through Jesus Christ. Amen

Thank you Aunt Ann and Jenine for helping me through this most difficult time this evening, I love you both.