Thursday, December 18, 2008


So let me start off on a positive note. Our agency called today and said that our Travel Approval is on its way. We should have it by Friday. I should be jumping up and down for joy. I should be running out to Walmart to pick up all the travel necessities that I have been meaning to buy. But nope, it cannot be that easy because there is always a huge mountain that keeps getting in our way. So we potentially have Travel Approval BUT we cannot schedule a consulate appointment because Tony and I don't have fingerprint clearance. So our fingerprints expire on 12/26/2008. In August when we were matched with our daughter we knew there was a chance that we would not be in China for December. So I started the process to get our fingerprints done again. We finally received an appointment which was on 10/22/2008. We received a receipt and we were on our way. Well as it turns out we never received a letter or an updated I 171H to prove our fingerprints are clear. I tried so hard to be on top of everything. I did not know that the clearance was missing. Well now I need to get in touch with immigration to try and get proof. We are also up against Chinese New Year too. With this setback and Chinese New Year we just may not travel until February. I am just tired from all of this. Part of me just knows how hard it may be to obtain this clearance. But the other part of me is trusting fully in the Lord that he will move this mountain like he has moved every single other one that has been in our way. Please keep us in your prayers so that we can resolve this massive issue.


Angie Vinez said...

I'm sorry that there seem to be so many mountains right now. In the end, every mountain you have faced will be just a memory, and you will have your daughter forever.

My prayers are still with you daily.

Joyce Bradford said...

Deanna, it is evident many hurdles are being thrown before you and Tony. We sometimes don't understand why the challenges are placed before us, however, we do know that God is a loving God and wants us to put our faith and trust in him to carry us through life's challenges, as you and Tony are doing. One can certainly see God at work in your lives. It is so wonderful to see a young couple as you and Tony focus so strongly on fait.

You are being remembered in prayer.

Love You Guy!


Natalie said...

I knew that international adoption was a long and difficult process, but I didn't fully appreciate just how much until I started following your story. You have both shown so much strength and faith through it all and Halainah is very blessed to have parents like you waiting for her on the other end of this ordeal.

I am praying that this fingerprint issue is cleared up quickly and you can just start packing and concentrating on that last, long-awaited, and well-earned part of this journey. I am ready to hear stories about what Halainah is like, what she did today, all of those wonderful every day things that will replace all of the tears and frustrations of the past months and years.

May God bless you and get you through this last hurdle.