Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have been listening to this song since Christmas 2007. Halainah was 1 month old last Christmas. She is now 13 months old and we will be spending another Christmas without our daughter. This song will bring tears to your eyes. It's amazing how someone you never met can write a song and it's almost as though they wrote it about your life. This song is our story. Listen carefully to the words.


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Hi Dee,
It made me cry you are right..I think no matter how many times you hear it, it will always have the same effect. You guys are in our thoughts and both just have to be there for Christmas. We will storm Heaven with our Christmas prayers..we need a MIRACLE. Halainah has waited too long to be held by her most loving parents and you both have waited an eternity to hold your daughter. ...
Bring her home dear Lord..(now)
All my thoughts and prayers are with you guys..
All my Love,
ps. I love your blog...I checked it last night and it was 'decorated' different. It is a beautiful tribute to Halainah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony & Deanna, You are a lovely couple and so deserve to be united with your beautiful baby daughter. We've been praying for you, as I know Dolly has been praying relentlessly. We're happy opsticles are finally disappearing and things are looking up.{proof that God is answering everyone's prayers } We love you both, Roseann & Joe