Monday, December 29, 2008


Halainah, our most precious baby girl, we are finally coming to get you:

January 1st - 12:15 pm flight from Newark NJ to Beijing

January 2nd - 3:00 pm arrive in Beijing

January 3rd - 9:00 am orientation and tour Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven

January 4th - 10:55 am leave Beijing to Nanchang for Gotcha Day, 4:30 united with our daughter forever, 7:30 - 8:30 Paperwork and more paperwork

January 5th - Halainah officially becomes our daughter

January 6th - 8th - undetermined, sightseeing and tours will be arranged later, will receive Halainah's passport

January 9th - 3:20 leave Nanchang to Guangzhou

January 10th - Paperwork

January 11th - Free Day

January 12th - Halainah's Medical Exam

January 13th - Visa Appointment

January 14th - Oath-Taking Ceremony, 8:15 pm take train to Hong Kong

January 15th - 11:25 am flight from Hong Kong to Newark NJ, We are coming home finally as a family of 3.


Anonymous said...

You probably will not be able to make any updates to your blog while you are away but please post as soon as you can after you return. Prayers for a safe trip. I cannot imagine the excitement you must feel.


Anonymous said...

OK so Amber and I are on the phone crying together at how truly AWESOME this all is. No one can pull your heart strings more thatn what God can accomplish in our lives. She is perfection. I can only imagine that your hearts are overflowing! Jiu Jiu Bobby looks completely taken with her. All my love and best wishes. May God bless the rest of your time in China and your trip home. Your life began again today!!! We love you
Lee, Jenine, Livi, Bella, and Emma