Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Oh Boy, where do I even begin? So apparently this last mountain that I thought was moved, wasn't, or should I say, not completely. So immigration cleared our fingerprints on their end but needs to send our clearance to the National Visa Center. Than the National Visa Center needs to send it to China. Well we are not sure how long this will take to straighten out. So in the meantime, our agency scheduled our Consulate appointment for January 13th. Which means we are supposed to leave on January 1st. First of all, holy cow how will I be ready in such a short time? Second, there are way too many things up in the air. We need to book our flight now, however we can't with a clear mind unless the fingerprint situation is cleared up. We can leave for China on the 1st but if everything is not squared away we may not be able to return home until it is cleared. That is really risky, we could be stuck in china for weeks. So needless to say, I wish I could be excited. I wish I could start packing. But I really don't know which way to go with this whole mess. I am literally so broken and exhausted from all of this. Please pray that somehow, by God's grace, this will all be cleared up.


Amy said...

Put it in Gods hands and start packing. Allow yourself to be excited. You are so close to holding that cute baby girl. Merry Christmas. I promise this will all be worth it once Halainah is in your arms. (please don't strangle me for saying that) I was in your shoes (or similar) a month ago. For some reason I did not blog about all our "mountains" I am glad you are sharing these feelings because someone will be following your footsteps soon.

Merry Christmas and go get Packing